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Character of Aldrick ex Gladius

Aldrick ex Gladius

A Knight Ferrous, Aldrick is a former singulare of Princeps Gaius Septimus, who cast him from the singulare ranks for dishonor eighteen years before the events of Furies of Calderon. Known as “The Sword,” Aldrick has only been matched in swordplay by the deceased Princeps and Araris Valerian. A large man with steel-grey eyes, he is in the Aquitaines’ employ, and leads the mercenary band of Knights known as the Windwolves.

Furies of Calderon[]

Assigned by Aquitaine to work with Fidelias, he follows Amara's trail to the Calderon Valley, where he and Odiana impersonate a newlywed couple traveling with a gem merchant (Fidelias). When they are exposed, Fidelias, Aldrick, and Odiana pursue Tavi and Amara from Bernardholt to the Rillwater, where Aldrick and Fidelias are separated from Odiana. Aldrick is vehement in his opinion to go after Odiana, but Fidelias reminds him of the consequences of failing Aquitaine in the mission. Aldrick grudgingly agrees to continue on, but only with the promise that they will find Odiana after the mission is completed. When the Wolf and Herdbane Clans of the Marat attack Garrison, Aldrick is part of the assault, where he slays Pirellus of the Black Blade. However, his resolve falters when he fights Fade—Araris Valerian—atop Garrison’s walls, as Aldrick believed him to be dead, and Aldrick is defeated. Odiana finds both him and Fidelias in the aftermath of Second Calderon, and they make their escape.