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Map of Alera by Spencer, colorized by fan

Spencer’s Map of Alera as it exists in books 1-4, close-up, colorized

The Realm of Alera is the main setting of the Codex Alera series. It is a large land mass on the world of Carna.

“The world of Carna is a cold, cruel place, lady. It is filled with danger and enemies to our people. The Realm is what keeps them safe.” (Academ’s Fury, ch 13)


Alera is an empire on the world of Carna. Alera is ruled by a First Lord from the House of Gaius, along with High Lords ruling the various regions. Citizens of Alera have the capability to control the elements by bonding with beings known as Furies. Their civilization is based on the Romans — see list of similarities at Roman Empire.

In its history, Alera has beaten and destroyed numerous enemies including the Children of the Sun, the Malorandim, the Avar, the Yrani and the Dekh, etc. Ongoing battles still break out with the Icemen, the Marat, and the Canim.


According to First Lord’s Fury, Legions have protected Alerans for two thousand years. (but other books state the House of Gaius is only one thousand years old, so it seems that for the first millennium there was no First Lord, perhaps no furycraft, only the original missing Ninth Legion that was transported into Carna.)

“For two thousand years, our people have worked and fought and bled and died to secure the safety of our homes and families. For two thousand years, we have persevered, survived, and conquered. For two thousand years, the Legions have stood as our sword and shield against those who would destroy us.” (FLF chapter 6)

That was the history of his people, after all. The Alerans had never let fear or the odds of failure deter them from overcoming, prospering. Their oldest histories, his uncle had once told him, reached so far back into time that the hide and vellum and stone they had been scribed upon had worn away. They had come to Carna from another place, a small band of only a few thousand, and had found themselves pitched against an entire world. They had overcome the Icemen, the Children of the Sun and their stronghold in the Feverthorn Jungle, had repelled the Marat and the Canim over the centuries to claim the land of Alera as their own. They controlled the seas around their home, had walled out the Icemen in the north, overcome the Marat through sheer savage fighting. With their furies and their furycrafting, the Alerans dominated the world, and no other race or peoples could claim mastery over them. (Furies of Academ ch 34)

Borders and Barbarians[]

Alerans consider themselves the only respectable race upon the world of Carna. All else are savages. The “civilized” land of the Alerans constitutes most of a continent, ending at the coast to the west and south, the Calderon Valley land bridge across the Sea of Ice to the realm of Maratea to the east, and the Shieldwall to the north at the boundary to Icemen territory. The southern border is a large Sea that also flows to the west, dubbed “Mare Nostrum” — “our sea” in Latin. Here be monsters (Leviathans). Sailing westward across this sea one can reach the immense land of Canea, where the wolf-like Canim dwell. The voyage takes about a month, weather permitting.

"The Realm’s experiences with other races upon Carna had invariably been tense, hostile, and violent. When the Marat had wiped out Princeps Gaius Septimus’s Legion at the First Battle of Calderon, they had created an entire generation of widows and orphans and bereaved families. And since the Crown Legion had been recruited from Alera Imperia, there were thousands, tens of thousands of individuals in this city with a bitter grudge against the Marat." (Academ’s Fury ch 30)

General Layout[]

Numerous steadholts between enormous cities, interspersed with many smaller towns:

Alera was a land of vast stretches of sparsely settled or uninhabited wilderness between the enormous cities of the High Lords. Furycrafted roads between the great cities, and a great many waterways, provided lifelines of trade and created a natural support structure for smaller cities, towns, and villages that spread out into the countryside around them. Steadholts, farming hamlets, were scattered into the areas between the towns and cities, each supporting between thirty and three hundred or so people. (First Lord's Fury prologue)

Imperial Capital[]

The Crown government is located in central Alera, in the nation’s capital city, Alera Imperia. All roads lead here. This is the seat of power for House of Gaius and the Crown Legions. The Crown / Gaius banner is a red eagle on blue field. The word “Alera” is Latin for “eagle” — symbolic of the Roman Empire.

House of Gaius

Banner of House of Gaius and Crown Legions

12 Realms[]

Apart from the province of Alera Imperia, the nation is then subdivided into 11 more city-states or realms named for the High House, each ruled by a High Lord. Each city fields the Legions that make up the military of Alera.


Alera Imperia on the River Gaul

River Gaul at Alera Imperia

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