Alera is a Great fury created by Gaius Primus after the original unification of the Aleran nation. In the capitol, Gaia Primus collected a piece of rock from every corner of Alera, which eventually resulted in the creation of Alera, the fury. She is an amalgam of all the fury types, and takes the form of a woman. Her eyes constantly change color, from the color of steel (Metal fury) to the colors of gemstones, such as emerald (Earth) and sapphires (Water). Her clothing has been described of being made of thick, shimmering fog (Air), and her face is youthful, while her hair is gray with streams of red (Fire). She appears to Tavi at the very end of "Princeps' Fury", and says that his grandfather called her Alera. She is the source of much of the power always held by the First Lord above his fellow High Lords. Alera has implied that she has had many names that the various leaders have given her, but most of them prefer to call her Alera. Alera possesses great abilities which give her ranking equal to that of the great furies, and is able to heavily manipulate weather and territory across the Aleran nation.

Alera first appears in during "Princeps' Fury", assisting Gaius Sextus. After the explosion caused by Gaius Sextus's death, the collection of rocks forming the basis of Alera was destroyed. Following this event, she appeared to Gaius Ocatvian, "Tavi", and helped him retake the nation of Alera from the Vord. Eventually, the destruction of her original rocks resulted in her dissolution at the end of "First lord's fury".