The great city of Alera Imperia was the Capital city of the the realm of Alera  until it's destruction. It is home to tens of thousands of inhabitants. The city is the seat of power of the First Lord and the House of Gaius. The city has 3 Imperian Legions as well as the Crown Legion which is recruited from the city and surround areas denizens. The city features the stronghold of the First Lord's Citadel and the Academy of Alera. The city also has various manors owned by the High Lords and Citizens, the Grey Tower and various underground passage ways called The Deeps. The Canim and then the Marat both had envoys in the Capital.The city was also the main setting of Academ's Fury.

House of GaiusEdit

As the residence and/or seat of the first lord, the Capital also bears the arms of the Crown, those of the ruling House of Gaius. As such, the city is symbolised by the Scarlet and Azure of the House of Gaius and its emblem/symbol of the Eagle.

Around the city, and all the High Cities of Alera, flies the flag of the First Lord: "The flag of the First Lord, a scarlet eagle on a blue field, fluttered in the breeze," First Lord's Fury, Gaius Isana landing in the Calderon Valley.

Office of The First LordEdit

As the ruling family, the Title and Office of the First Lord passes thought the line of succession of the House of Gaius.

Although the House of Gaius is symbolised by the Scarlet and Azure, and the Eagle - which has become synonymous with the First Lord - The Office of the First Lord is symbolised by the Seven-Pointed Star, "and above it, writ into the marble in gold was the seven-pointed star of the First Lord of Alera;" Furies of Calderon, the Princeps' Memorial.