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Alerans are the name of the people currently living in the realm of Alera. The premise of the Codex Alera series implies the Alerans were once a Roman Legion from the real world, who got lost and somehow arrived in Alera. These first humans are now referred to as the Proto Alerans. Over many years living in Alera among the furies native to the region, the Aleran people developed the ability to furycraft, able to utilize the power of their furies to bolster their bodies and minds, perform great feats, and control the elements.


The Alerans are nearly identical to the humans of the real world, with their only distinction being the ability to furycraft.


The Alerans developed the ability to furycraft, and every Aleran comes into their abilities during their childhood. Tavi, the protagonist of the series, is an anomaly, growing into his teenage years without displaying any ability to furycraft whatsoever.

Most Alerans can learn rudimentary ability in any area of furycrafting, as evidenced by the basic training learned by all legionnaires. However nearly all Alerans display moderate to great talents in only one or two types of furycrafting, with the vast majority only specializing in one area.

The ability to furycraft gives the Aleran Legions power far beyond the abilities of normal humans, allowing them to fight on even terms with their more physically superior neighbors.