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Various animals — including birds of the air and fish of the sea — live in Alera, in Canim, and in Maratea. There are likely animals north of the Shieldwall but little is known about the Icemen

Animals of Alera[]

Most of these animals are found in the frontier outback Calderon Valley (and probably elsewhere). Tavi learned to kill some with a slingshot to protect his sheep:

“Killed a big male slive after one of my uncle’s lambs when I was six. Two direwolves, a mountain cat. Scared off a thanadent once.” (Cursor’s Fury ch 1)
  • direwolves
  • mountain cat
  • Slives - big lizards who hunt in packs. Poisonous venom causes slow death.
Slives could kill young sheep, even adults if they had numbers enough, but the poisonous lizards swarmed over corpses and ravaged them into strips of flesh and bared bones. (Furies of Calderon ch 5)
A thanadent’s talons might have been capable of inflicting such a wound, but when one of the great mountain beasts took a kill, it either devoured it on the spot or else dragged it off to a secluded lair to feed.(Furies of Calderon ch 5)
  • Grass Lions — found in the Amaranth Vale of Ceres
she saw the grass lion emerge from the shadows beneath a stand of scraggly pine trees. The beast was eight or nine feet long, its golden hide dappled with greenish stripes that would blend perfectly with the tall grasses of the Amaranth Vale. A powerful creature, far more heavily muscled than anything resembling a common house cat, the grass lion’s upper fangs curved down like daggers from its upper jaws, thrusting past its lower lip, even when its mouth was closed. (Princeps' Fury chapter 13)
Leviathans are Territorial (book 4)

a territorial leviathan

  • Gargants — in Alera and Maratea, elephant-badger mix (see images at Gargant)
  • Rivan Mountain Whites — a large dangerous breed of sheep. For example, Dodger is the lead ram at Bernardholt
  • Horses
  • sharks in Mare Nostrum; they also hunt up River Tiber to the Elinarch Bridge
  • crows all over the land
  • Herdbane (hunting terror birds) in Feverthorn Jungle area, also in Maratea
  • wild deer of the Calderon Valley
Tavi had trailed the enormous sheep his uncle raised through rocky mountain trails, hunted down stray horses and calves, stalked the trails and learned the habits of the wildcats and thanadents that would prey upon his uncle’s flocks. As a final lesson, Bernard had taught him to stalk wild deer, creatures so quiet, alert, and swift that only the most skilled and persistent hunters would have any chance of taking one. (Academ's Fury ch 8)

  • Various furies or elements who take on the shape of an animal, such as Brutus the earth fury dog

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Elsewhere on Carna[]

  • Various animals of Maratea that bond with the Marat and become chala to them, most important to this plot the Gargant and the horse
  • taurg - a bull-like, pig-like beast used in the Canim calvary
    • Taurga (plural) taurg (singular) are native to Canea
Looks like a taurga to me

This could be a taurg!

  • a Tavar is the most dangerous wild animal in Canea
something exploded out of the darkness beneath the thick branches of the fallen pine, a dark-furred blur that moved in perfect silence and hit the wax spider like a stone from an old Romanic war engine….The animal that had dispatched the wax spider crouched atop its corpse. Its fur was dark, and it had a long, sinuous body. Its limbs were powerful, solid, spreading into clawed paws like those of a mountain lion. Its head, though, was more like that of a wolf, or a bear, with a broad muzzle full of sharp and—obviously—wickedly effective teeth upon what looked like incredibly powerful jaws. Tavi recognized a deadly predator when he saw it—and even if that one weighed no more than the wax spider, it had dispatched the Vord as easily as it might have a rabbit. The beast turned its glittering yellow eyes toward Tavi and Varg, and silently bared its impressive, green-spattered fangs. (Princeps' Fury chapter 33)