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Antillus is one of the High City-States of Alera, bearing the name of the High Lord /House of Antillus. The city of Antillus and the surrounding regions and territories are ruled by High Lord and Lady Antillus Raucus and Antillus Dorotea. Their son and heir is Antillus Crassus, and Raucus’ illegitimate eldest son is Antillar Maximus.

The city is located in the extreme north-west of Alera. See Maps for Codex Alera Series. Antillus is bordered by Mare Nostrum sea on the west, mountains to the south, and the Shieldwall on the North. Along with Phrygia on the far northeast, and some Placidans, the Legions of Antillus man the Shieldwall while the Citizens maintain its upkeep. This wall is a massive fury-crafted bastion between the Aleran people and the Icemen of the North.

The House of Antillus[]

Antillus Flag

House Antillus

Both Antillus and Phrygia are staunch supporters of the House of Gaius. They may not love the First Lord, but they believe in the rule of law and order.

As the seat of the House of Antillus, the city and surrounding country bear the colors of the House of their High Lord: Sky-Blue on Deep Blue with three red diagonal bars.

"Max had once remarked that the city colors had been chosen based on what shade the skin of one's .. . well, parts, assumed when exposed to the weather in winter and autumn, respectively." (Cursor’s Fury)


The Shield Wall

Another Concept of Shieldwall

“the most warlike city on the continent” (FLF, chapter 4)

The Legions protecting the city and manning the Shieldwall are the First, Second and Third Antillan. These legions are almost unceasingly occupied with the constant assaults of the Icemen. As such, they see a comparatively large amount of action.

The Legions of Antillus bear the heraldic design of three scarlet diagonal bars, which are occasionally tweaked to look like three bloody slash marks:

"Upon several helmets and shields, Isana saw a more graphic representation of the heraldic design, evidently painted on by individual legionares: three ragged, bloody wounds, as if torn by the claws of one of the massive northern bears" (Princep's Fury)

Spoiler Book 6[]


In First Lord's Fury chapter 4, the First Aleran fleet docks south of the great city of Antillus, in the harbor, along with the Free Aleran Legion and the Canim fleet. Warmaster Varg’s flagship Trueblood and Captain Demos’s furyship The Slive lead the way. Iceberg ships also dock, somehow, presumably.

Book 6 ch 4 camps Antillus

Camp Positions, Book 6 chapters 4-5

Ice ships with fleet arriving at Antillus

Fleet, ice ships arriving