Antillus Crassus is the son of Antillus Raucus and Kalarus Dorotea. He is the heir to Antillus and the younger brother of Antillar Maximus.



Crassus appears in Cursor's Fury, Captain's Fury, Princeps' Fury, and First Lord's Fury.

Early LifeEdit

Due to Raucus's absences fighting on the Shieldwall, Crassus was raised primarily by his mother Dorotea. He had a close relationship to his mother and a complicated one with his older half-brother Max. Though Max sometimes took the blame for things Crassus did to protect him from punishment, Dorotea's animosity toward Max kept the brothers from becoming close.

Cursor's FuryEdit

Crassus joined the First Aleran along with his mother to serve out his mandatory term in the Legions.

Captain's FuryEdit

Princeps' FuryEdit

First Lord's FuryEdit


Crassus comes across as the sober and responsible one of the Antillus brothers, he and Max make a good team.

Crassus realizes that his mother Dorotea is not a nice person but blames her 'temper' and does his best to cover for her. He is forced to face the truth of her cruelty and treason to Alera but that doesn't change his feelings for her as his mother. He is furious with Tavi for hiding Dorotea from him, at her own request, and still hasn't forgiven him by the end of the series though Max suggests that eventually he will.