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Crassus appears in Cursor's Fury, Captain's Fury, Princeps' Fury, and First Lord's Fury.


Antillus Crassus is the son of Antillus Raucus and Antillus Dorotea. His maternal uncle is High Lord Kalarus Brencis. He is the heir to Antillus and the younger half-brother of illegitimate Antillar Maximus. Crassus has the picture-perfect profile of a son of a High House, with the most noble blood in Alera.

".. .several years younger than Tavi himself. He was a little under average height and slender. His hair was long and auburn, his eyes ivy green, and his armor was of masterful quality — and completely unmarred." (Cursor’s Fury ch 8)

His home is Antillus, near the Shieldwall.

Antillus Flag

Early Life / Personality[]

Due to his father's absences fighting on the Shieldwall, Crassus was raised primarily by his mother Dorotea. He had a close relationship to his mother and a complicated one with his older half-brother Max. Though Max sometimes took the blame for things Crassus did to protect him from punishment, Dorotea's animosity toward Max kept the brothers from becoming close. Crassus is reluctantly aware that his mother is a treacherous, murderous bitch. But, since she is his mother, he struggles to keep her calm and protect others from her wrath.

In the First Aleran, Crassus comes across as the more sober and thoughtfully deliberate of the Antillus brothers, in contrast to the bombastic and more impulsive personality of his older brother. As such, Crassus and Max make a formidable team as they compliment each other's weaknesses.


As the son of a High Lord Crassus has exceptional furycrafting abilities, learned through years of training with his Father and honed during his time in the First Aleran Legion. Crassus has ability in most facets of furycrafting, but shows particular skill in Windcrafting and Firecrafting.


Crassus is one of only a couple firecrafters in the ranks of the First Aleran, and uses his abilities in conjunction with his windcrafting to great effect. When harassing enemy lines Crassus likes to use pinpoints of white-hot flame which detonate on impact.


Crassus is one of the most talented Windcrafters in Alera, leading the Wind Knights of the First Aleran into battle on many occasions. Crassus is swift in flight and dangerous in battle, able to take to the skies whenever the need arises to take an advantage over opponents on the battlefield. Crassus has been shown to direct lightning with the help of other windcrafters. He has blown away cloud cover, brought in thunderstorms, and together with Max magnified light to create a beam, following Tavi’s directions with old Romanic methods.

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Cursor's Fury[]

Character Crassus Knight

Crassus, Knight Aeris

Crassus joined the First Aleran to serve out his mandatory three-year term in the Legions. His mother joined at the same time as Tribune Medica /healer. Initially an antagonistic figure, Crassus appears as a spoiled brat serving his mother's whims. He attacks Tavi (disguised as Rufus Scipio at the time), in an attempt to retrieve the money pouch Tavi stole from Mommy Dearest in an earlier interaction. She desperately needs the Bloodstone from the purse, for it wards off Canim Bloodspeaker sorcery.

Crassus grows to show his true values and abilities, eventually becoming the leader of the First Aleran's Knights when most of the legion's command structure is killed by Canim sorcery. Together with Tavi and his brother Max Crassus fights desperately to hold the Elinarch Bridge from Canim invaders. The legion succeeds because Tavi directed Crassus to fly through deadly red skies while protected by a Bloodstone, dispersing the deadly ritualist sorcery, so Max and other windcrafters could use the newly revealed sunlight to create an immense laser beam. Thus, thousands of Canim died, including Bloodspeaker Sarl, due to Tavi’s fury-craft application of old Romanic methods. Warmaster Nasaug led his army in retreat, back to Mastings, on the coast.

Captain's Fury[]

Crassus is still a knight of the First Aleran Legion and Knight Tribune. Now in book 4, he occasionally serves as deputy Captain, assigned to this duty by Captain Scipio. As acting captain, he tries his best to counter the political maniac Senator Arnos while Tavi/Captain Scipio is under arrest for treason (actually he’s gone to Alera Imperia to free Varg from Grey Tower). Crassus does his best and agonizes over the many dead and injured by an enraged Nasaug and his Narashan warriors. When Tavi returns, Crassus confirms through watercrafting /truthfinding that Tavi is indeed telling the truth about his identity as Gaius Octavian, Princeps of Alera. Crassus kneels.

Princeps' Fury[]

Cover art Canim wolf ships

Crassus sails west across Mare Nostrum to Canea with Captain Scipio/ Princeps Octavian. Hundreds of ships sail together, conveying the entire First Aleran legion, Warmaster Varg and Nasaug and all the Narashan invaders, and First Spear Durias with all the Free Aleran legionares. In Canea, Crassus is badly wounded by Vord but is —- unbeknownst to her unconscious son —- healed by his watercrafting mother, now captive to Free Alera and wearing a discipline collar. Crassus leads the knights in secretly crafting ships out of icebergs. He is nearly killed in another vord attack at the port of Molvar, but his captain — Tavi — saves his life. They all sail away, heading back to Alera with thousands of Canim warriors, ritualists, and makers, all of them refugees.

First Lord's Fury[]

Crassus supports Tavi every step of the way, even hosting the Canim on his home ground, Antillus. He leads a mission to rescue numerous freemen farmers from the vord queen’s steadholt. He leads another mission to clean all the vord out of Riva after Tavi brings down the gates. Eventually Crassus is grievously injured by the Vord queen while at camp southeast of Riva. Still, he helps furycraft a defense ditch at the final battle in the Calderon Valley. Nonetheless, he is furious with Tavi when he realizes his mother is alive and Tavi knew it all along and did not tell him (at her own request). Crassus still hasn't forgiven him by the end of the series, and this saddens Tavi.

Excerpt FLF[]

Granted, Crassus’s levelheaded style wasn’t necessarily a perfect one where the Canim were concerned. An officer of their corps, a young Shuaran, had dropped a challenge to Crassus’s authority within hours, at which point his elder half brother Maximus had promptly brought one of Raucus’s strengths of character to the forefront—the ability to make a decisive and unmistakable statement. When the Cane went for Crassus’s throat, Maximus threw him through a building. It was a rather absolute form of diplomacy though Fidelias could only assume that Octavian had rubbed off on Maximus to some degree: It had been a wooden building rather than a stone one. (First Lord’s Fury ch 41)