Antillus Dorotea is the wife of Antillus Raucus and sister of Kalarus Brencis. She is the mother of Antillus Crassus.


Dorotea is a beautiful woman who presumably somewhat resembles her nephew Kalarus Brencis Junior as Tavi finds her face somewhat familiar.


Dorotea was born into the House of Kalarus. A marriage was arranged between her and Antillus Raucus in order for Antillus to gain access to Kalare's watergrain fields. The marriage was a loveless one, as Raucus was already in love with the mother of Antillar Maximus and would've preferred to marry her. Dorotea responded by murdering her rival. Despite this they had one son, Antillus Crassus. Raucus was frequently absent fighting on the Shieldwall, leaving Dorotea in charge of both Max and Crassus. Dorotea saw Max as a threat to her son's inheritance and made no attempt to hide her feelings. She frequently had Max severely beaten. When he came into his furies, Max confronted Dorotea and informed her he wouldn't tolerate any more beatings. After this, she began attempting to murder him by arranging "accidents." This caused Max to run away from home to join the Legions at fourteen.