Antillus Raucus is the High Lord of Antillus. He is the father of Antillar Maximus and Antillus Crassus.



Raucus appears in Princeps' Fury and First Lord's Fury.

Early LifeEdit

As heir to one of the Shield cities, Raucus got his first experience of battle at age fourteen. After this, he studied at the Academy alongside Placidus Aria, Gaius Septimus, and Aquitainus Attis. He and Septimus did not get along at first and spent a year getting into fights and other conflicts. Eventually, this passed and they became friends.

Princeps' FuryEdit

First Lord's FuryEdit


Raucus is bold, headstrong, and powerful.

Furycrafting Edit

As a high lord Raucus is capable of using furycraft of every type.

Metalcrafting Edit

Raucus is an accomplished metalcrafter.