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Antillus Raucus

Antillus Raucus the High Lord of Antillus

Antillus Flag

High Lord Antillus Raucus plays a key role in the series, beginning with book 5, Princeps' Fury


Antillus Raucus is the High Lord of Antillus, in the northwest corner of Alera Imperia, bordering the Shieldwall. This is mountainous land. See Maps for Codex Alera Series

He is the father of Antillar Maximus and Antillus Crassus. He is loyal to the Crown but hates Gaius Sextus, who pressured him to reluctantly wed the nasty Kalarus Dorotea, a political marriage uniting the House of Kalare with Antillus.

Raucus is generally held to be one of the foremost fighters and battlefield generals in all of Alera, given his extensive experience defending Alera’s border against the Icemen. He tries his best to care for his Legions and all his people.



High Lord Antillus is mentioned in every book, and is a central character in books 5-6 Princeps' Fury and First Lord's Fury. Thanks to the efforts of Isana, he leads his Legions into the spoiler war.

Early Life[]

As heir to one of the Shield cities, Raucus got his first experience of battle at age fourteen. After this, he studied at the Academy alongside Placidus Aria, Gaius Septimus, and Aquitainus Attis. He and Septimus did not get along at first and spent a year getting into fights and other conflicts. Eventually, this passed and they became fast friends.


Raucus is bold, headstrong, and powerful. He has a bit of a temper. He’s not known for his mental acuity, but he’s bright enough, and even more importantly, he is loyal, courageous, and true, as is his illegitimate son Max. Raucus is bluff and fierce, but also kind and compassionate. He hates political wrangling and avoids the treachery in Alera Imperia, the senatorium, etc. He’s trusted by his northern neighbors in the realms of Phrygia and Placida, and his legionares love him.


As a high lord Raucus is capable of using furycraft of every type. After a lifetime of fighting the Icemen along the Shield Wall Raucus has put his considerable talents to good use. Honing his furycrafting through decades of hardened battle in the bitter north, Raucus has developed his skills to levels that few others can rival.


Raucus is an accomplished metalcrafter.