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Aquitaine is one of Alera's high cities. It is located in the eastern portion of the Aleran continent. The city and its surrounding regions are ruled by the House of Aquitainus and the contemporary High Lord of the house; the head of the House of Aquitainus during the series is High Lord Aquitainus Attis..

The infamous Feverthorn Jungle, once home to the Children of the Sun, separates Aquitaine from its neighbour and often competitor Rhodes, to the South-west.

The House of Aquitainus[]

The House of Aquitainus is the ruling house of Aquitaine. The only members of the house mentioned in the series are Aquitainus Attis and his wife, Aquitainus Invidia.

Aquitainus banner flag

House Aquitainus Banner

The colors of the House of Aquitainus are scarlet and sable/black and their symbol is a falcon.

Behind Lord Aquitaine’s box, for example, was a sizeable contingent of finely dressed Citizenry, mostly sporting the scarlet and black of the House of Aquitaine, while the gold and black of Rhodes made for an only slightly smaller contingent in the seats behind that High Lord’s box.”(Princep’s Fury ch 5)

The City[]

"To call Aquitaine beautiful was to call the ocean wet" - Fidelias, Furies of Calderon

Built upon a hill, Aquitaine's houses are all elegant lines and high arches. Statuary is visible frequently upon the streets and there are many fountains, some of which are illuminated from below with light. The trees wear veils of colored lights as well and when the lights in the city come up, it appears as if the city is a giant flame.

The High Lord's Manor[]

The High Lord's manor is situated at the top of the hill. It is a walled fortress with innumerable gargoyles that have been there as long as anyone remembers. The feasting hall is long, with firepits built into the floor and a double row of marble pillars. The walls are covered with tapestries. A dais is located at the far end of the hall. The High Lord typically sits there.


Like all Aleran cities, Aquitaine has three standing legions. They fought against Kalarus during his rebellion, but Attis frequently held them in reserve while other legions took the brunt of the casualties. The Aquitainian legions also fought in the Vord War and played prominent roles in several battles. The First and Third Aquitaine were directly under Attis's command during the Battle of Alera Imperia and participated in his riverbed assault on the Vord. The First Aquitaine survived the assault and later covered the retreat of the refugees. No mention is made of the Third, suggesting it perished during the Vord counterattack. The First and Second Aquitaine later fought alongside the Crown Legion during the Battle of Riva.