Aquitainus Invidia is the High Lady of Aquitaine, and wife of Aquitainus Attis.


Invidia is tall and strikingly beautiful, with black hair, ivory skin, and grey eyes.


Invidia appears in all six books;.

Early LifeEdit

Invidia was born into the top ranks of the Aleran citizenry. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her father, who largely ignored her in favor of her brothers. She attended the Academy at the same time as Septimus, Attis, and Raucus. After Septimus's victory in the Battle of Seven Hills, a marriage was arranged between him and Invidia. However, Septimus rejected the proposal because of her cold, scheming personality. Invidia was furious at the rejection and decided to take revenge. She played a key role in the conspiracy that killed Septimus by suggesting to Kalarus and Rhodes that they could assasinate Septimus during a battle so as to throw off suspicion. Invidia eventually married Attis and became the major instigator behind his plots to usurp the throne.

Furies of CalderonEdit

Invidia was present at Fidelias’ exposure of Calix under the watercrafted guise of a slave girl. She begins her affair with Fidelias immediately following, before he leaves for the Calderon Valley. After his return from the Valley and the failed assault, she reveals Attis’ affair with Caria to Fidelias, showing that there was more than one knife at Gaius Sextus’ back.


Invidia is cold and aloof, very rarely feeling any sort of passion. She is as treacherous as she is beautiful, and derives her chief enjoyment from plotting against someone. She is also incredibly self-centered to the extent that she was willing to let millions of Alerans die at the hands of the Vord if it meant she would live.

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