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Kord’s eldest son, Aric is a windcrafter of some skill, but does not have the skill or power to fly.

Furies of Calderon[]

Aric arrives at Bernardholt with his father and brother, as Bittan is accused of raping Warner’s daughter, Heddy. In the assault against the holders gathered at Bernardholt, Aric nearly suffocates Isana with his windcrafting. He flees with Kord and Bittan, heading off Tavi and Fade at the Rillwater, where Bittan is killed and Kord takes Odiana and Isana captive. At Kordholt, Aric is Isana and Odiana’s keeper, and it is revealed that Bittan did not rape Warner’s daughter—it was Aric who had been with Heddy, of a mutual accord. Due to his father’s death at Second Calderon, Aric becomes a Steadholder.

Academ's Fury[]

Aricholt is the primary location where Bernard, Amara, and Doroga find the Vord nest. Aric has been taken by the Vord and is seen during the Vord assault on the cave.