Arnos is the senator who is pushing for the destruction of Canim forces in Alera.


Arnos is a fairy stereotypical corrupt politician. He uses his influence as a senator to further his goals and aims at the expense of others, and constantly seeks to further the reaches of his power.

Furycrafting Edit

Arnos does not demonstrate his furycrafting often, preferring to let his subordinates do any work he needs accomplished. He is at least competent in basic furycrafting, able to turn furylamps on and off and travel across the causeways with the Senatorial Guard.

Cursor's Fury Edit

Arnos plays a minor role in Cursor's Fury, attending one of Bernard's conferences on the threat the Vord pose to Alera. He jabs and insults Bernard during the talk, attempting to undermine Bernard's account of the events that unfolded in Academ's Fury.

Captain's Fury Edit

Arnos succeeds in his plans to create the Senatorial Guard, a legion under the express control of the Senate. Arnos then takes control of the newly formed legion and marches towards the Elinarch to join the war with the Canim. Seeking to gain power and prestige by becoming a war hero Arnos devises a plan to remove Tavi from command of the First Aleran.