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Attica is one of the city-states of Alera. It is presently governed by the High Lord Atticus Quentin (Butcher also calls him Elios). There is little about this city in canon.

Geographically, Attica stands on the banks of the River Gaul above the floodplain, about midway between Parcia and Alera Imperia. See map.

Map of Alera

Attica, city-state in south central Alera

Attica has the good fortune to be out of the direct line of march for the advancing Vord. The city is reported to be under siege in Princep's Fury but apparently survives the war.


High Lord Atticus Quentin has two young daughters: Caria, who married Gaius Sextus about three years before the series began, and Atticus Elania Minora, a teenager who was kidnapped and held hostage by High Lord Kalarus Brencis (Cursor’s Fury).