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His Family[]

Bernard was married, but his wife and two daughters passed away ten years prior to book 1 Furies of Calderon, due to the Blight.

Bernard’s parents died before Bernard joined the Rivan Legion for his compulsory tour of duty. Bernard is younger brother to Isana and older borther to Alia, who died in the Battle of First Calderon 15 years before book 1. His nephew Tavi was born during that doomed battle, while Bernard was a legionare fighting Icemen on the Shieldwall in Phrygia.

“Alia?” “Younger sister,” Bernard said. “She and Isana were real close. I was off on my first tour with the Rivan Legions. We were way up by the Shieldwall, working with Phrygia’s troops against the icemen. Our parents had died a few years before, and when Isana went into service in the Legion camps, Alia went with her.” (Cursor’s Fury ch 2)

Age, Appearance[]

Bernard near Garrison

Bernard, woodcrafting his powerful bow

Bernard is probably about 33-35 when the series begins. Book 1 says Isana is 37, and that B is younger than her (Furies of Calderon, chapter 4).

Bernard is a large-framed man, extremely fit from habit and hard work, first in the Legion as a Centurion, later as a Steadholder in a dangerous frontier land. His dark hair has some premature silver. (Cursor’s Fury ch 12)

He was a large man, broad-shouldered and strong, his dark hair and beard, both clipped short in Legion fashion, salted with threads of premature silver. His strong, weather-darkened face broke into a wide smile, and he caught Amara up in his arms as though she weighed no more than a newborn lamb. (Cursor’s Fury ch 2)
“Dark hair, beard, a little grey in them.” “My,” said Serai. “But hardly old. Went silver early, I’d say. That’s always attractive in a man. It means he has both power enough to have responsibilities and conscience enough to worry over them. And—” She paused and blinked. “He’s rather strong, isn’t he?” (Cursor’s Fury ch 12)

Calderonus Bernard, House of Calderon[]

Banner House Calderonus

Bernard’s Banner, House Calderonus

In book 1, Bernard is merely Bernard, steadholder of Bernardholt in the Calderon Valley. However, because old Gram is unavailable, he must lead the defenses against Marat invaders and Aleran traitors.

He is subsequently dubbed Count Calderonus Bernard by Gaius Sextus (see the ending of Furies of Calderon). As such, he’s in command over Garrison, its Legion, and all the Valley, including all the Steadholders and steadholts. He is now a full citizen, and Founder of House Calderonus.

“that Calderonus fellow. The founder of House Calderonus.” (Princeps’ Fury, ch 13)
“Bernard is a peer of the Realm now.” (Academ’s Fury, ch 11)

As Count Calderonus, he takes on the colors of a woodsman's green and brown and the emblem of a bear.

"And beside it flew her brother's banner - a brown bear on a field of green" (First Lord's Fury)
  • Your Excellency is the correct form of address for him, as a Count
  • His liege lord is High Lord Rivus Grantus of Riva. Rivus is a builder, not a warrior.
  • In book 2, he secretly marries Amara. Eventually she is openly the Countess Calderonus.

Former Centurion[]

Legionare by xraypr

Bernard, Centurion in the Rivan Legions

Bernard was a centurion in the Rivan Legion nominally overseen by the High Lord of Riva, Rivus Grantus. Bernard has the earth and woodcrafting skills of a Knight Terra and Flora, though he never joined the Knights ranks by his own choice.

“A Knight Flora,” the First Lord said quietly. “Like you.”
“Never served as a Knight, sire,” Bernard said, shaking his head. “Centurion in the auxiliary cohort.” Bernard shrugged. “Knights in my Legion…seemed a little full of themselves, sire. Didn’t feel like spending all my time with them.” (Captain's Fury chapter 22)


Bernard has at least basic ability in all forms of furycrafting. He is capable at crafting all the elements, but he is an extremely capable earthcrafter and woodcrafter. He manifests two powerful furies, Brutus the earth dog and Cypress the dryad.

Brutus on Book 2 cover Penguin Books



Bernard is an overwhelmingly powerful earthcrafter. He has the ability to manifest his earthcrafting in the form of a great dog named Brutus. Bernard channels his earthcrafting to bolster his already impressive might, allowing him to perform superhuman feats of strength. Bernard has moved large boulders like pebbles, smashed large and dangerous enemies, and lifted impossible heavy loads frequently and easily. He has demonstrated his ability to manipulate the excitement of others through his earthcrafting, primarily using it to calm down animals like horses and dogs. He can use his earthcrafting to bring minerals together, such as gathering the salt in the earth to encase an arrowhead in salt.

Bernard Amara furies by Makena

Bernardamara with Brutus & Cirrus (by Makena)


Brutus and Bernard, by Sandara

Bernard and Brutus by Sandra

Bernard's earth fury Brutus takes the form of a very large dog, standing as tall as a small horse. His form is comprised of earth and marble, with glittering emeralds for eyes and shards of obsidian for teeth. He is loyal and very powerful, but also a bit mischievous at times. Once when Bernard and Amara were in close proximity, Brutus earthcrafted lust through both of them without Bernard's permission or command.


Bernard knows about nature: flora, fauna, the life of a woodsman, hunting, tracking, routing, tanning hides, etc. He has the ability to manifest his woodcrafting in the form of a diminutive human-shaped fury named Cyprus. Bernard uses his woodcrafting to improve his archery, increasing the flexibility and strength of his bow and arrows. He can use his woodcrafting to cast a veil around himself as long as wood or vegetation is present.


Bernard's calls his wood fury Cyprus. It takes the form of a small human-like dryad made of wood. Cyprus is only seen a few times in manifested form and generally does not participate in battle like Bernard's earth fury Brutus.

Bernard murmured, “Cyprus,” and flicked his right hand toward the trees beside him in a signal to the lesser of his two furies. Tavi looked up and saw a shape glide down from one of the trees — vaguely humanoid and no larger than a child. It turned pale green eyes toward Bernard for a moment, crouching down like an animal. Leaves and twigs seemed to writhe together to cover whatever shape lay beneath them. Cyprus tilted its head to one side, focusing on Bernard, and then made a sound like wind rustling through the leaves and vanished into the brush. (Furies of Calderon chapter 3)
Cyprus wood fury by Skip

Cyprus, Bernard’s Wood Fury

Furies of Calderon[]

From Bernardholt, Bernard sets out with Tavi to find the sheep Tavi let slip away. Instead of the sheep, they come across Atsurak and two herdbane. Bernard is severely wounded in the encounter, and his earth fury Brutus carries him back to Bernardholt, where Isana heals him. After finding Tavi, he takes Amara in, and gives her the slippers of his late wife. When Tavi and Amara flee to the Rillwater, Bernard tracks them, and confronts Kord and his sons, as well as Fidelias, Aldrick, and Odiana. Bernard and Amara escape together, and make their way to Garrison, where they are arrested. While locked up, Bernard unintentionally earthcrafts on Amara, drawing their feelings for each other to the forefront. However, they push their feelings aside and prepare Garrison for combat. Bernard takes command of the archers and ambushes Fidelias and his Knights when they attempt to ambush Garrison. He stands with Amara against Aldrick ex Gladius on the wall, and is fatally wounded by Aldrick. In the immediate aftermath, he is saved from death by Odiana as she repays her debt to Isana.

During the subsequent ceremonies at Bernardholt, Bernard is elevated to the rank of Count by Gaius Sextus himself, thus assuming the title Count Calderonus Bernard of the House of Calderon. He is now addressed as “Your Excellency” and is one of Alera’s Citizens. He is placed in charge of protecting and preserving the Calderon Valley. As such, he assumes leadership over the Legion at Garrison, the easternmost outpost of Alera, defending the border with Maratea. His liege lord is High Lord Rivus Grantus of Riva.

Academ's Fury[]

Brutus by mctchapman at deviant art

Brutus (mctchapman)

As the new Count of Calderon Bernard takes over command of Garrison and the responsibility of defending the Calderon Valley. Doroga visits Garrison with a small band of injured Marat warriors from the Gargant clan with a report of a large battle against an enemy the Marat call the Vord. Bernard investigates several disappearances in steadholts across the valley, eventually coming to the conclusion that the Vord are responsible. This eventually leads to a confrontation against the Vord at Aricholt - with Bernard, Amara, Doroga, a handful of Crown knights, and the cohorts from Garrison fighting in defense of the Calderon Valley (Book2, Academ’s Fury).

Cursor’s Fury[]

Prominent members of the anti-slavery Dianic League are gathered at Vorello’s Pool, an outdoor dining grotto in Ceres, when several members are killed and two are kidnapped. Bernard and Amara are also there, enjoying a vacation with family. They deal with the attack of High Lord Kalarus Brencis’ enslaved Immortals (chapter 12). Kalarus has his killers kidnap High Lady Placidus Aria and Minoria, the teenage daughter of High Lord Atticus Quentin. Bernardamara lead a mission (with Invidia) to extract them from the High Lord’s personal chambers in Kalare, so they cannot be used as political levers. Amara decides to also rescue the Bloodcrow Rook and her captive five-year-old daughter, Masha. Bernard seriously injures Kalarus during the escape flight. Then they all deal with it when the treacherous Aquitainus Invidia shows her true colors. They manage to outwit Invidia and her Windwolves Odiana and her lover Aldrick ex Gladius.

Captain’s Fury[]

The battle with Kalarus Brencis continues. Bernard and Amara guide First Lord Gaius Sextus to Kalare on a top-secret mission.

Princep’s Fury[]

The entire realm is called to arms against the Vord as the Vord War rapidly gains momentum. Bernard is angry because he warned his own leige, Lord Rivus Grantus of Riva, to no avail. He tried to alert the senate, including Senator Arnos, but his words fell on deaf ears. Gaius Sextus asks Bernard and Amara to travel secretly into the heart of vord territory to discover how the queen is transforming loyal citizens into mindless slaves. They learn about the Slave Collar.

First Lord’s Fury[]

epilogue: Bernard is Lord Calderonus. His sister Isana marries Araris and Tavi dubs them Count and Countess Rillwater. They wear the Calderonus colors of green and brown.

For several years, Count Calderonus Bernard and Countess Calderonus Amera, funded by the Dianic League, and with strategic Romanic ideas from Tavi, have been working hard to build fortifications in Calderon Valley. When the Valley becomes the last redoubt for fleeing refugees and legions, Bernard puts his plan into action.

Calderon Valley, Fortified by Bernard
Amara felt every eye there lock upon her. “The Calderon Valley has been prepared,” she said calmly. “My lord husband spent years trying to warn the Realm that this day was coming. When no one listened, he did the only thing he could do. He readied his home to receive refugees and fortified it heavily.” (FLF chapter 18)