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Bloodstone ward

Narashan Warrior Canim bloodstones

art by Sonny Ramirez

Canim with bloodstone

bloodstone mounted on weapon

This stone plays a key role in the plot of Cursor's Fury and Captain's Fury especially, but it is also mentioned in books 5-6.

A Bloodstone is made by Canim Ritualists, who are also called Bloodspeakers. It’s a ward stone or a type of amulet, created with blood. The notorious ritualist Sarl was keen on using them. In appearance, it’s a ruby-like stone. It’s carried by most Warrior caste and Ritualist caste, worked into their armor and/or weaponry. A Bloodstone protects by making the holder impervious to all known Canim sorcery.


The origin of the Bloodstone was never explained, although none existed naturally in Alera. However, in Captain's Fury it is shown that bloodstones are created from blood.

The ritualist murmured something, a musical-sounding, even meditative growl—and then reached down with a curved knife and cut the dead woman’s throat on both sides. Blood trickled from the corpse. It drained down the shallow basin, where it gathered and flowed down through a hole at the bottom of the basin, out of a small spigot. There, it poured into a wide-mouthed stone jar. (Captain’s Fury chapter 47)

Tavi Furious[]

Varg watched the ritualists with a rigidly neutral body posture. “Blood into jars,” he rumbled.
“This is where their power comes from,” Tavi said softly. “Isn’t it?.. .This is how they used power against us at the Elinarch,” Tavi snarled. “They killed our people after they landed and used their blood against the Legion.”
“Take no particular offense, Aleran,” Varg rumbled. “They are not choosy about which blood they take, so long as it is from a reasoning being. The ritualists have killed more of my people than the whole of your race. The sorceries they used to assault your shores, block your skies, redden your stars would have required millions upon millions of lives.”
“And you allow them to exist?” Tavi spat.
“They serve a purpose,” Varg replied. “They have the power to bless bloodlines. Increase fertility in our females. Increase the bounty of crops, and to lessen the ravages of storms, droughts, plagues… My people are willing to make a gift of their blood upon death,” Varg growled. (Captain’s Fury chapter 47)


After successfully protecting an individual, the bloodstone appears to leak a red liquid (probably blood), indicating the bloodstone may have a limit to which it can negate Canim sorcery. But this is not clear.

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