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Brutus and Bernard, by Sandara

Brutus, earth fury, with Bernard

Brutus is a powerful earth fury who takes the shape of a huge wolf/dog. Brutus was tamed by Bernard of Calderon Valley. This fury plays a part in book 1, Furies of Calderon, and in book 2, Academ's Fury, but only appears rarely in subsequent books. However, he is possibly the inspiration for the merlins in book 6. See also the Furies main page, with list.

Brutus surged up from the earth like a hound emerging from boiling surf, head and shoulders of a great hunting dog made of soil and stone. The fury’s eyes glowed green as emeralds and shone with a faintly luminous light. Brutus planted his front paws on the ground, hauling his pony-sized body forward, and stone jaws closed on the thigh of the attacking bird. (Furies of Calderon ch 5)
Brutus on Book 2 cover Penguin Books

Brutus on cover Penguin Books

Brutus by mctchapman at deviant art

Brutus by mctchapman at Deviant Art