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This location is featured in most of the books. It serves as the primary setting for Furies of Calderon. It also features as a key setting for various battles in book 2, Academ's Fury, and is central to book 6, First Lord's Fury.


The Calderon Valley a steadholt

The Calderon Valley - A steadholt

Calderon Valley The Fortress-Garrison-Codex

The Fortress Garrison in the Calderon Valley

The Calderon Valley is frontier land in Alera on the planet called Carna. Slives, thanadents, Rivan Mountain Whites, Gargants, and other dangerous animals live here.

It is the birthplace of Tavi, Bernard and Isana. It contains steadholts, the Princep’s Memorium, and Legion fortifications surrounding the town of Garrison.

The Calderon Valley is in northeast Alera, serving as a land bridge between the continents of Alera and Maratea. This isthmus is a narrow valley with mountains on the southern and eastern borders, and oceans to the north and south. The river Rillwater runs across the land.

The Calderon Valley is considered an Aleran territory under the authority of High Lord Rivus Grantus, though the valley itself is under the local jurisdiction of Garrison and its leadership, Count Calderon: Gram in book 1, thereafter followed by Bernard / Calderonus Bernard, Count of the House of Calderon.


The valley contains many small furies of every element and two powerhouse Furies, the mean mad mountain Garados and his windmane-making “wife” Thana Lilvia. Valley folk know to KEEP OFF the mountain, or else. Outsiders have been caught off guard. It also contains the Rillwater river, where Isana first bonded with her amazing water fury, Rill.

Mt Garados and Daroga, Marat Gargant Tribe Chief (art by Sandara)

Mt Garados, Great Fury in the Calderon Valley


Calderon Valley Steadholts (in book 1)

Six Steadholts (Book 1)

In the middle of this isthmus is arable land. “Very fertile land. Profitable.” (Furies of Calderon, ch 6)

Six steadholts or farming villages cover the fertile center of the valley, between the mountains and the sea. Each steadholt takes the name of the Steadholder in charge. Bernardholt is one example. The steadholts produce food for the valley and for Riva, and beyond. They herd animals, like the monstrous Rivan Mountain Whites /sheep and the enormous musky-smelling badger-like Gargants. The steadholts roughly follow the causeway, which leads directly to Garrison, the fortified outpost at the border with Maratea, where the Marat live.

Famous Battles[]

  • Battle of First Calderon
    • Combatants: The Crown Legion, Princeps Gaius Septimus, Araris Valerian vs. The Marat vs. High Lords Kalarus Brencis and Rhodes.
    • Result: Pyrrhic Marat victory. The death of Princeps Septimus at the hands of High Lords Kalarus Brencis and Rhodus, though it is publicly assumed to be the result of the Marat. The Marat ravage the Calderon Valley, but are massacred when the Alerans return and avenge the death of their Princeps.
  • Battle of Second Calderon (Furies of Calderon)
    • Combatants: The steadholders of the Calderon Valley, the legionaries of Garrison, Amara ex Cursori, Steadholder Bernard, Tavi, Isana, Araris Valerian/Fade, Count Gram of Calderon, Pirellus of the Black Blade, and the Horse & Gargant Clans of the Marat vs. The Windwolves of High Lord Aquitaine, Fidelias ex Cursori, Aldrick ex Gladius, Odiana, and the Wolf & Herdbane Clans of the Marat vs. Steadholder Kord of the Calderon Valley.
    • Result: Bloody group Aleran-Marat victory.
  • Battle of Aricholt (Academ's Fury)
    • Combatants: Count Bernard of Calderon, Amara ex Cursori, Doroga & Walker of the Gargant Clan of the Marat, the Windwolves of High Lord Aquitaine, and the legionaries of Garrison vs. The Vord, the Taken-controlled residents of Aricholt, and the Calderon Vord Queen.
    • Result: Bloody Aleran victory.
  • Battle of Third Calderon (First Lord's Fury) (see map of fortified walls)
    • Combatants: The surviving Warriors and Ritualists of the Narashan & Shuaran Canim, First Lord Gaius Octavian and First Lady Gaius Kitai of Alera, Fidelias ex Cursori/Valiar Marcus, Count Bernard of Calderon, Countess Amara of Calderon, First Lady Isana of Alera, High Lord Phrygia, High Lord Antillus Raucus, High Lord Placida Sandos, High Lady Placida Aria, the First and Free Aleran Legions, the Horse, Gargant, Herdbane, & Wolf Clans of the Marat, and the surviving legionaries and steadholders of the Calderon Valley vs. The Vord, the surviving collared Vord-aligned Citizens, Nihilus Invidia, and the Awakened Vord Queen vs. The Great Furies Garados and Thana Livia along with their furystorm and windmanes.
    • Result: Bloody group Aleran-Marat-Canim victory, and the end of the First Vord War.


  • Legion Fortification at Garrison
  • 2 Cohorts + Knights at Garrison
  • Possible mobilization of the Rivan Legions.

Anti-Vord Fortifications[]

See map.

Calderon Valley Fortifications

excerpt, First Lord’s Fury

Knowing to prepare for a Vord attack and an influx of refugees, Lord Calderonus Bernard fortified the entire Calderon Valley, funded and supported by the Dianic League. Along with building mechanical mules /siege engines, Bernard supervised the construction of two additional shield walls and also added height and heft to the original wall at Garrison, along with a citadel. Furthermore, his battle plans included the two nasty Furies of the Valley, Garados and Thana Lilvia.

“The Calderon Valley has been prepared.. .” Amara reached into her belt pouch, drew out a folded piece of paper, and opened a map of the Calderon Valley. “Here is the western entrance, along the causeway. Half-height siege walls have been built across the entire five-mile stretch of land, from the flint escarpments to the Sea of Ice, with standard Legion camp-style fortresses every half mile. A second regulation siege wall belts the valley at its midway point, with fortresses and gates each mile. At the eastern end of the valley, Garrison itself has been surrounded by more double-sized siege walls, enclosing a citadel built to about a quarter of the scale of the one in Alera Imperia.” (First Lord’s Fury ch 18)