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Canea is the Canim homeland, divided geographically and politically into ranges. The continent is huge. It is located across the sea ( Mare Nostrum ) to the West of Alera. It usually takes about a month to sail across to Alera. Unlike Alera, Canea is not united under one leader, but divided into several realms, called ranges. See map.

Map of Alera

Canea, west of Alera


“The word the Canim use for their states translates more accurately to ‘range,’ ” Magnus replied. “The range of Shuar. The range of Narash.” (Princep’s Fury ch 9)

“Each Canim nation [is] home to a populace nearly as great as Alera’s, though settled into a much smaller geographical region.” (Princep’s Fury ch 25)


Narashans, who live in coastal Narash, were the only Canim to have contact with Alera before Princeps' Fury. Members of this range include Varg, Nasaug, and several ritualists, including Sarl and Marok. This range has an abundance of trees, some of which are used for building ships. Narashans are masters of the sea. This is one of the three largest in terms of pure area, along with Shuar and Maraul.


The range of Shuar is an enormous and highly defensive mountain highland, the northernmost range in Canea. In Princeps' Fury, the Canim and Aleran fleets get blown off-course towards Shuaran’s fortified port of Molvar. Shaurans are highly skilled at building fortifications. Their land and cool climate is not as arable as the population requires, so winters can get hungry. Notable Shuarans include the range leader, Lararl, who is respected enemy / gadara to Varg. There is also Tarsh — the idiot in command at the port of Molvar — seconded by the capable Anag.

”Shuar. Their whole bloody crow-begotten range is one frozen rock.”


The Maraul are described in Princeps' Fury as a respected enemy of the Canim of Narash. Their range is full of swamps and bogs. Tavi was able to strategize from detailed records of their battles, obtained by the hunters Lararl sent to Maraul to gather intel. (Princep’s Fury ch 25)

Maraul. Mud-loving, swamp-crawling, tree-hopping fungus eaters,” Gradash said.

Other Ranges[]

There are more ranges, of which we know little or nothing. Some have been named: Kadan range, Rengal range, Irgat range