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Demos is alluded to in earlier books, becoming a more active character in book 3, Cursor's Fury. Cursor Ehren introduces Demos to Tavi in book 4, Captain's Fury. He also plays an important role in subsequent books.

A mysterious enigmatic man, a highly skilled seaman, a smuggler, pirate, and sometimes slaver. One of the best seamen in Alera, he often sails from Alera to Canea across Mare Nostrum.

Demos is a wood-crafter, and his entire ship The Slive is a fury. She is one of the more interesting Furies in the series. She is depicted on the cover of book 5, Princeps' Fury. Capt Demos has a distinct advantage in his “living” ship. He also uses water witches to ensure smooth waters and keep the huge territorial leviathans away.

Leviathans are Territorial (book 4)

Territorial Leviathans

Captain Demos is a shady character and a man of few words, but his word is good when given. He believes his word is law on his ship. By naming his ship The Slive he is making a statement, for slives are among the nastiest animals on the world of Carna.

The Slive, a wood fury, Princep’s Fury cover

Captain Demos’ ship The Slive