Ceres is one of the Alera's major cities. It is located in the Amaranth Vale, which is in the southern portion of the realm.  It is governed by aging High Lord Cereus Macius. The city is notable for a group of abolitionists who hang slavers. The colors of both the City and High Lord are Brown and Grey.

The House of CereusEdit


As the seat of the House of Cereus, the Ceresian city and surrounding regions/territories bear the Color of their High Lord: Brown and Grey.

Flaming SwordEdit

"And a citizen, bearing a sword that blazed with emerald fire suddenly streaked from the ground ... the armored, white-haired form of Lord Cereus."(Fist Lord's Fury)

Cursor's FuryEdit

The city hosts the Dianic League summit as well as Isana's family reunion. Ceres is a major target of High Lord Kalare's plan to take over the realm. Numerous targets who were in the city at the time were assassinated on the Night of Red Stars, including High Lady Rhodes & High Lady Phrygius. High Lady Placidus Aria and High Lord Attica’s daughter were captured & held as hostages by Kalare's forces against the retaliation of Attica & Placida respectively. It is assumed that High Lord Forcius was either conspiring with Kalarus, was naturally neutral toward him, had already been captured/deposed via coup d’état, or one of Forcius’s loved ones were similarly captured & held hostage against his neutrality to Kalare. Ceres was soon besieged and Kalarus managed to destroy the Second Ceresian legion, leaving Ceres with only the First & Civic legions.

The Crown Legion later arrives to aid the Ceres near the end of Cursor’s Fury, and the siege is broken soon after the rescue of the High Born hostages from the Kalarus’s captivity, when Attican & Placidan legions were freed to help the Crown Legion drive off Kalarus’s forces.

Princeps Fury Edit

Ceres is the site of the first major battle between the forces of Alera and the Vord swarm. After the detonation of the Great Fury Kalus and the end of the Kalarus rebellion, the Vord were able to sneak into the southern region of Alera and breed in relative secrecy. When the Vord attack in force they easily overwhelm any opposition until the reached the city of Ceres. First Lord Gaius Sextus is able to gather the forces of Alera and rally several legions to support the besieged city. After suffering heavy losses, including the death of High Lord Rhodes at the hands of the Vord Queen and Invidia Aquitane, the forces of Alera abandon the city and retreat from tho Vord Assault. Bernard and Amara later discover Ceres is being used as a base for the Vord forces, and as a prison for any captured Alerans.