Cereus Macius is the High Lord of Ceres. An elderly man with white wispy hair, Ceres is a man who prefers peace, but knows the necessity of war when the need arises. He shows great care for the people of the land he governs, and distresses the role he is forced to play in the Aleran Civil war and in the battle against the Vord.

Furycrafting Edit

As a High Lord Cereus is at least competent in every form of furycraft.

Firecrafting Edit

Cereus uses his firecraft to deadly effect, able to wreathe his sword in emerald fire and detonate giant spheres of white-hot flame. In the final battle against the Vord he flew into the mouth of a Vordbulk, using his firecraft to detonate the the insides of the massive creature, killing it at the expense of his own life.

Windcrafting Edit

Cereus is a strong windcrafter, able to use his windfury to fly quickly for long flights.