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Cereus Macius the High Lord of Ceres

Cereus Macius the High Lord of Ceres

Cereus Macius is the High Lord of Ceres. An elderly man with white wispy hair, Ceres is a man of integrity who prefers peace, but he knows the necessity of war when the need arises. He shows great care for the people of the land he governs. Despite his desire for peace, he honorably accepts his duty to support Gaius Sextus in the Aleran Civil war against Kalarus Brencis, even referring to Gaius as “old friend.” He also fiercely defends Alera in the battle against the Vord.


As a High Lord, Cereus Macius is formidable in every form of furycraft.


Cereus uses his firecraft to deadly effect, able to wreathe his sword in emerald fire and detonate giant spheres of white-hot flame.


Cereus is a strong windcrafter, able to use his windfury to fly quickly for long flights. In book 4, Princeps' Fury, he flies up into battle to exterminate enemy combatants attacking the wind-coach bearing Ehren and Gaius Sextus

His Family[]

House Cereus

House of Cereus, Brown and Gray

Macius is very much a family man. He is grandfatherly and gracious, an honorable man of refinement and elegance, despite his vast power. He loves his family, and they him. In book 3, he has three daughters, including Veradis, a son and heir named Vereus, and eleven grandchildren.

Kalarus replied. “Defy me, and it will go hard for you, and for your line. I promise to be thorough. I know all of their names, old man. Your three daughters. Your son. Your eleven grandchildren.” (Cursor’s Fury ch 14)

Cereus Veradis[]

A key character in the series is his daughter Cereus Felia Veradis, or just Veradis. She is a talented healer. Young, lively and beautiful, the Civil War instigated by Kalarus Brencis and the Vord War have brought great sadness to her. Max would love her, but he has been rebuffed a few times.

“A young woman in a simple white gown stepped into the room. She was a pale creature, her skin so white that it almost seemed translucent, and her hair—quite short, for such a young woman—light and fine as cobwebs. Isana felt certain that her youth was genuine and not the result of watercrafting talent, though why she felt so Isana could not say. The healer’s eyes seemed too large for her long, thin, somehow sad face, and were of a brown so dark that they looked black. The circles of weariness beneath her eyes stood out almost as vividly as violent bruises…” (Cursor's Fury chapter 20)

Senator Theoginus[]

The old rascal is Veradis’ uncle, which possibly makes him Macius’s younger brother.

“Uncle Theo is an incorrigible old horse trader….Uncle was one of the men who most wanted action taken on Count Calderon’s warning about the vord, and Valerius all but crucified him for it.” (First Lord’s Fury ch 8)
His hair was a thicket of white spikes, his nose was laced with red from drinking too much wine, and his knuckles were swollen almost grotesquely from repeated brawling. A bandage on his right hand testified that not all of it had been in his youth, either. (First Lord’s Fury ch 10)

Cereus Ventis ??[]

Not sure who he is. A retired high lord? Macius’s father? A discrepancy in naming?

"The elderly High Lord Cereus Ventis, though the legal master of the city, did not command the respect of the Vigilantes or their supporters, nor possess the resolve to come down on them with all the power at his disposal, and had consequently failed to quell the violence." (Cursor’s Fury ch 10)

Spoilers Books 5-6[]



“Already, my brother Vereus has fallen to the invaders, along with half of the Legion under his command. Thousands of our holders have been slaughtered. Nearly half of the lands in my lord father’s care have been consumed by the Vord.” (Princeps' Fury ch 6)

A High Lord Dies Honorably:

Old Cereus gives his life to protect the refugees and legionares at Garrison, including his own family. He flies into the mouth of a towering vordbulk with a flaming exploding sword.

And a Citizen, bearing a sword that blazed with emerald fire, suddenly streaked from the ground toward the vordbulk. Ehren and Bernard both came to their feet. Both of them recognized the armored, white-haired form of Lord Cereus. The nimbus of light around the old High Lord’s sword grew and grew, until it was almost violently bright. Ehren made himself watch, but just as it seemed the light’s intensity would force him to avert his gaze, High Lord Cereus plunged completely into the vordbulk’s roaring maw. The vordbulk smashed its jaws shut, and they came together like a pair of city gates closing. And an instant later, a brilliant green fireball replaced the vordbulk’s head and the spreading shield of bone around it. Fire tore at the torso and legs of the vordbulk, incinerating tons of chitin and muscle in one supremely violent blast. (FLF ch 57)