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The citizenry are the upper class of the Aleran society. They are furycrafters. Citizens are encouraged to marry others with similar levels of fury crafting in order to strengthen the bloodline and increase the powers of the next generation, for the good of Alera.

Gaining Citizenship[]

Several ways:

  • birthright, born into the citizenry
  • become a steadholder — a position previously only granted to men. A Steadholder, manager of a steadholt, automatically becomes a citizen, but only when on the steadholt
  • win a duel with another citizen via Juris Macto, to prove sufficient fury-crafting power and skill
  • Distinguishing yourself in combat in an Aleran Legion
  • Defeat a Citizen in a duel for their Citizenship; similar to a Juris Macto but not the same
  • Being dubbed Count, Lord, or Sir (Knight) by the First Lord