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The Crown Legion is the personal legion of the First Lord. It serves only him, and is composed of troops from the area around Alera Imperia. The legion banner shows the red eagle on a blue field, the emblem of the House of Gaius. Currently, the commander is Sir Miles

Crown Legion, House of Gaius Banner


Almost a year before Tavi was born, the original Crown Legion, under the command of Princeps Gaius Septimus, was deployed  to the Calderon Valley. It was stationed at Garrison, on the border to Maratea. The Legion was destroyed to a man by a surprise attack from a  Marat horde, during what came to be called The Battle of First Calderon.

"…only twenty years or so earlier, an invading horde had massacred the Crown Legion, which was still recovering from heavy losses in a previous campaign. Thousands of legionares and camp followers and holders of the valley had died in a single day, including Princeps Gaius Septimus and all but one of his personal armsmen—Sir Miles, now Captain of the newly re-created Crown Legion." (Cursor’s Fury ch 2)

Recent Events/Deployments[]

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The Crown Legion was recreated in Academ's Fury by the First Lord  Gaius Sextus. The position of captain was given to Sir Miles. Some viewed the reconstitution of this legion negatively, as an act of growing insanity or insecurity.

During Cursor's Fury, the Crown Legion was camped in the fertile Amaranth Vale near Ceres when the forces of High Lord Kalarus Brencis attacked the city. Gaius Sextus gave the command for the Crown Legion to force march to aid High Lord Cereus Macius in protecting his lands, and get within the city before Kalare's legions reached it. The Crown Legion fought alongside Ceres's remaining Legion/s and defended the city long enough for a small rescue team led by a CursorAmara — to infiltrate Kalarus’ personal tower in Kalare and extract two political hostages: Placidus Aria and the adolescent daughter of High Lord Atticus Quentin.

In Captain's Fury the prologue shows the Crown Legion and the Legions of Aquitainus Attis  fighting against High Lord Kalarus Brencis’ forces in the Southern Theater of Kalare, a mountainous, volcanic region. The Crown Legion sustained heavy casualties, as well as debilitating sickness, with a ratio of one man dying in battle to three dying to sickness.  Aquitainus Attis was also subtly manipulating his Legions so that the Crown Legion took more damage during battle.

In Princeps' Fury and in First Lord's Fury, the Crown Legion gives all they have to fight the Vord and protect fleeing refugees. They continue the battle to the end of the Vord War, which takes place in the Calderon Valley, where they desperately defend the last redoubt at Garrison, with help from the remaining few High Lords, numerous clans of Marat, and Count Calderonus Bernard.