Cursors are publicly the messengers and mailmen of Aleran Society. However, Cursors are actually spies and assassins for the Crown, a fact which is often well known among higher citizenry.

Cursor training Edit

Cursors are trained at the Academy from early adolescence. The primary teacher of each Cursor is called a patriserus. In order to graduate from the Academy, the cursor trainee must complete a final trial, which entails designing, planning and executing a mission in the real world, under the eye of her patriserus. The patriserus is not allowed to assist the cursor in this. Cursors are skilled in a variety of actions which are often dependent on each cursor's unique style and talents. For example, Serai has trained in seduction, while Ehren and Fidelias are skilled in knife usage, to the point that people will ask whether a person is a Cursor after noticing the amount of hidden knives.

Notable cursors Edit