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Cursor's Fury is the third book of the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. It takes place approximately two years after the events in Academ's Fury.

At the end of this 3rd book, Tavi is nearly 20 years old. His father died in the Battle of Second Calderon, twenty years ago. (Cursor’s Fury, ch 27) Indeed, Kitai asks: “How long have we known one another, Aleran?” Five years this autumn…” (epilogue) They met when he was 15.

Key Characters[]

Book 3

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Gaius Sextus must form an alliance with Aquitainus Attis as they fight against the High Lord of Kalare, who threatens the throne and all of Alera. Meanwhile, Tavi and the First Aleran Legion must fight against the Canim horde at the Battle for the Elinarch. Meanwhile, Amara and Bernard must exfiltrate Kilare’s political hostages, High Lady Placidus Aria and the teenage daughter of High Lord Atticus Quentin. They also decide to rescue Rook’s daughter, little Masha. They are “helped” in this mission by Aquitainus Invidia, Odiana and Aldrick ex Gladius.