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Cyprus is a small wood fury that was tamed by Bernard in the Calderon Valley. Cyprus is his lesser fury. Brutus, an earth fury, is his most powerful fury. He names his furies, unlike some more “sophisticated” Citizens. See Furies, the Theory section.

Cyprus wood fury by Skip

Cyprus, Bernard’s Wood Fury

Bernard's wood fury takes the form of a small human-like dryad made of wood. Cyprus is only seen a few times in manifested form and generally does not participate in battle, but she helps him scout around, and she covers him, providing camouflage in the wilds.

Bernard murmured, “Cyprus,” and flicked his right hand toward the trees beside him in a signal to the lesser of his two furies. Tavi looked up and saw a shape glide down from one of the trees — vaguely humanoid and no larger than a child. It turned pale green eyes toward Bernard for a moment, crouching down like an animal. Leaves and twigs seemed to writhe together to cover whatever shape lay beneath them. Cyprus tilted its head to one side, focusing on Bernard, and then made a sound like wind rustling through the leaves and vanished into the brush. (Furies of Calderon chapter 3)