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Character of codex alera Doroga Marat

Doroga - by VisionBlue

Doroga, bonded to Walker, is the head of the gargant clan of the Marat. He is the father of Kitai.


As a Marat, Doroga has fair skin and white silvery hair, which he wears in a long braid down his back. Even among the athletic builds of the Marat, Doroga is a physical specimen. He is extremely muscular, with a barrel-like chest of corded sinew and gigantic arms strong enough to lift large boulders and hurl them with deadly force. Although he is fairly tall Doroga appears as stout simply because of the width of his chest and shoulders.


Doroga is a cheery man, able to see the positive side even in difficult circumstances. Fiercely loyal to his friends and clansmen, Doroga proves his worth to many Marat and Alerans alike in both the Second and Third Battles of Calderon. Bernard notes that beneath his simple Aleran speech and brutish appearance Doroga is intelligent and honorable, a dependable ally and a source of wisdom and knowledge in many matters. Gaius Sextus notes that Doroga learned to read and write in only six months.

Doroga is humorous, intelligent, and a skilled warrior. He has a special relationship with his chala or totum companion, a huge Gargant named Walker.

Spoilers !!! in books[]


In Furies of Calderon Doroga befriends Tavi, who is about to be eaten alive by Atsurak of the Herdbane clan. Doroga throws Tavi a lifeline — to accept a challenge before The One to climb down into the Wax Forest and gather some medical mushrooms, healing elixirs. Later, when Tavi saves his daughter Kitai, dying of Vord poison, Doroga takes leadership of the Marat to stop the assault on Garrison, this saving Tavi’s family and repaying his debt.

Academ's Fury — The Vord decimate Doroga’s people. Doroga describes his people’s history fleeing the vord. Doroga and Walker fight alongside Bernard, Count Calderonus and cursor Amara and numerous legionares to kill a Vord queen and wipe out her nest in Aricholt, a steadholt in the Calderon Valley

First Lord's Fury — Doroga and his totem / chala Walker and numerous Gargants provide protection and safe passage to thousands of fleeing refugees, including Ehren ex Cursori. Doroga leads thousands of Marat and their Totem Animals to an epic battle at Garrison, hoping to end the Vord War. Doroga also confronts the dying Aquitainus Attis, who publicly confesses to being the instigator of the Battle of Second Calderon, about 7 years previously.