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Durias is First Spear centurion of the Free Alera Legion. He is introduced early in book 4 Captain's Fury. His characterization is further developed in books 5-6.

General Description[]

The Free Aleran centurion was a rather short man, with shoulders so wide that he almost looked deformed. His neck was thicker than a lot of women’s waists, his blocky face plain and scarred here and there with the irregular, fine, jagged cuts of a life spent under slavery, where the lash had wrapped around. He had dark, very intelligent eyes, and thick-knuckled, capable hands that immediately set to the task of cleaning and coiling the saddle straps. (Princeps' Fury ch 16)

Free Alera Legion[]

Durias helped form a Legion of slaves who broke free, advised by Canim Warmaster Nasaug. They call themselves the Free Alerans and align themselves with their Canim advisors. Most of these legionares were slaves on villages and steadholts on the west coast of Alera. Durias becomes centurion, First Spear of the Free Alerans.

“You’ve been with Nasaug for almost two years, I take it.”
Durias nodded. “I was…He said he got the idea for Free Alera from me.”
Tavi lifted his eyebrows. Then he said, “You’re the First Spear of your Legion.”
“Isn’t hard to be First Spear, Captain. You just serve longer than the others. I was the first recruit.”(Captain’s Fury ch 50)

Warmaster Varg’s aide[]

Durias becomes aide de camp to Warmaster Varg when his son Nasaug hands him the battle sash.

The outfits had been a gift from “Free Alera,” which Isana suspected in this case meant Varg and his young Aleran aide de camp, Durias. (Capt Fury ch 60)

Trusted by Captain Scipio[]

Tavi likes Durias, and trusts him. He’s intelligent and caring and capable, and “the young man was one of the few people who still referred to Tavi in the same terms he had before Tavi had revealed himself as a scion of the House of Gaius. (Princeps' Fury ch 16)

Durias plays the trumpet.

Then an Aleran Legion trumpet abruptly rang out behind Tavi, sharp and silvery, crying out against the dark stones of Shuar. The opening bars of the Anthem of Eagles, the clarion call of the Princeps of Alera, shivered through the rain and the night, proud and cold and defiant. Tavi shot a quick, surprised glance over his shoulder, to see Durias lowering the trumpet, returning it to hang from its baldric at his side. The young centurion inclined his head to Tavi with a very small smile and winked. (Princep’s Fury, ch 17)