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Ehren, academ

Ehren, cursor in training

Character of Ehren

Sir Ehren ex Cursori

Ehren, formally known as Sir Ehren ex Cursori, is an incredibly intelligent Cursor in the service of Gaius Sextus and the Crown, the Realm. Ehren became close friends with Tavi and Max during their school years. He comes from a quiet, loving little family. He attended college on scholarship.

Ehren has sandy hair, hazel eyes, and is slight of stature. At first, he is roughly the same size as young Tavi, but Tavi outgrows him. Ehren is small but effective.

"He glared at her. He had a rather effective glare, Amara thought, despite the muddy hazel color of his eyes and the fact that he stood nearly half a foot shorter than she did and was thus compelled to glare up at her. She had to make a conscious effort not to take a step back.” (First Lord's Fury, ch 12)


Ehren accomplishes several noticeable missions including warning Captain Cyril that dozens of Canim ships are near the Elinarch; hiring the capable seaman Captain Demos and his ship The Slive; freeing Varg from The Grey Tower; figuring out the croach’s effect; his work with Gaius Sextus and with Aquitainus Invidia, and his role in the Vord attack on Calderon Valley. After the Vord war, Sir Ehren becomes Gaius Octavian's highest-ranking Cursor, the Cursor Legate.

Skills / Abilities[]

Ehren is not a particularly strong fury crafter, earning only a couple beads in his days in the Academy. He makes up for this with ingenuity, using what he can to great effect. He learned to use his single, weak woodfury to his advantage because weak furies are harder to detect than stronger ones.

He was recruited into the cursors because of his mental ability, especially with math, data, and patterns, and because he looks like a harmless mouse (Academ's Fury ch 1). He becomes deadly with a blade and secures numerous knives on his person.


Ehren's woodcrafting is the only type he is able to use more than in a rudimentary sense.