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The Elinarch is a major bridge spanning the Tiber river near the west coast of Alera. Also, the town at the foot of the bridge, on both ends of the river, is called Elinarch. This bridge is built for defense of the Amaranth Vale, rich arable fields that feed Alera.

This bridged town is the setting for books 3 and 4.


The Elinarch was a marvel of Aleran engineering. It arched over the waters of the Tiber for a distance of more than half a mile, a span of solid granite drawn from the bones of the world. Infused with furies of its own, the bridge was very nearly a living creature, healing damage inflicted upon it, shifting its structure to compensate for the heat of summer, the cold depths of winter. The same crafting that allowed the roads to support and strengthen Aleran travelers also surged in unbroken power throughout the length of the bridge. It could alter its surface to shed excess water and ice, and smooth grooves collected rainwater in small channels at either side of the bridge during rainstorms. (Cursor’s Fury ch 52)

Cursor's Fury[]

The First Aleran travels to the Town to hold the Bridge on the Crown's orders. Little do they know that their relatively safe position changes in a flash when a vast Canim excursion arrives on the Coast. They target the Legion's officers which leaves Rufus Scipio (Tavi) in charge of the Legion. The First Aleran is the only thing standing in the way of the Canim. The Legion manages to hold off the Canim and secure the Elinarch in a grueling battle and a desperate last stand on the bridge. They emerge victorious and manage to secure and rebuild the town as well as establish a Command Center and additional fortifications for the campaign. Ehren comes to warn Captain Cyril, but traitors try to kill him. Kitai sees him and alerts Tavi and Max that something is wrong. They ride fast to intercept. Kitai guides the “blind Alerans” with her night vision (Illustration by Jaidan Wolf).

Kitai guides Max and her “blind Aleran” (art by Jaidan Wolf)

Kitai guides Max and Tavi, (artist Jaidan Wolf)

Map of Alera

Elinarch, a bridge and a town on the Tiber River near the west coast of Alera

Captain's Fury[]

Some chapters occur at the Elinarch. Isana and Araris Valerian arrive at the bridged town with supplies. Aleran’s leading citizens and Legion captains meet at the Elinarch to discuss the Canim invasion, with Gaius Sextus serving as chairman. Senator Arnos, in charge of the newly created Senatorial Guard Legions, gives Captain Scipio (Tavi) a hard time at the meeting, as does Aquitainus Attis. Later, Tavi/Scipio is arrested by Arnos for meeting with Nasaug. He is placed in “jail” under Captain Cyril’s doubtful eye. Tavi then meets with Cyril and his mother Isana to reveal his true identity, in order to get permission to broker peace via Varg, which means going to the Grey Tower in the capital city.

Many of the events of the book take place southwest of Elinarch in nearby coastal villages like Mastings and Founderport, or aboard Captain Demos’ ship The Slive, or in Alera Imperia.