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Character Callidus Fidelias

Former Cursor Callidus, Fidelias

A former cursor, Fidelias turns traitor to the Crown at the outset of Furies Of Calderon. He is fed up with the leadership of High Lord Gaius Sextus and turns to High Lord Aquitainus Attis and High Lady Aquitainus Invidia. He comes to regret this decision.

Aquitainus. He was the most ruthless, the most able, and perhaps the strongest of the High Lords. Fidelias’s stomach roiled. He had betrayed Gaius, the Codex, the Cursors. Betrayed his student, Amara. He had turned his back on them, to support a man who might become the most ruthless and bloodthirsty dictator Alera had ever known. The furies knew, he had tried everything in his power to convince Gaius to take another path. Fidelias had been forced to this. (Furies of Calderon chapter 7)

In the course of time, Fidelius directly or indirectly harms several Cursors loyal to Gaius Sextus. He is sometimes blamed for Kalarus Brencis’s Bloodcrow’s wetwork. He is hunted by other cursors, especially by Magnus, who was close friends with Serai and others.

Fidelias is a strong earth-crafter with extensive knowledge of the Deeps below Alera Imperia, and beneath the Citadel for House of Gaius. His earthfury is named Vamma. His woodfury is Etan.

Like most earthcrafters, he hates flying. He has the ingrained habit of checking anywhere he goes for the best route of escape.

Eventually, Fidelias begins to question his decision and regret his choices.


In Furies of Calderon — the onset of the series — Fidelias (still pretending to be a trusted cursor) takes his student Amara on a mission to spy on the forces of Aquitane, who is rumored to be amassing forces to begin a rebellion against the First Lord. Fidelias quickly reveals himself to be a traitor, purposefully getting them caught and attempting to coerce Amara into joining their cause. Fidelias plays the role as a primary antagonist in the first novel, moving with Aquitane to cause the Second Battle of Calderon Valley.


During the event's of book 3, Cursor's Fury, Fidelias is shown to be living under the guise of Valiar Marcus, the prime centurion of the First Alerian Legion. While the events of the war against the Canim played out, Fidelias found himself with conflicting loyalities once he discovered the true identity of "Rufus Scipio.” He realized he needed to follow his heart and support the better man. He does so, and continues to play a major role in each subsequent book. However, his life changes when he is found out.


As a former legionnaire Fidelias has at least rudimentary skills in all areas of furycrafting.


Fidelias is a strong earthcrafter, able to shift and move the earth at will. Like many earthcrafters, he is able to use his earthcrafting to bolster his strength in combat. Fidelias has a bond with an earthfury named Vamma.


Fidelias uses his woodcrafting often. As a Cursor and a spy, Fidelias often has a need to creep through the shadows and blend into backgrounds. As such he often utilizes his woodcrafting to hide himself in nearby brush or foliage when he needs to use stealth. Fidelias is an excellent bowman, using his woodcrafting in combination with his earthcrafting to hit targets with great accuracy and force. Fidelias has a bond with a woodfury named Etan.


Fidelias has minor talent in watercrafting, enough to barely sense strong emotions in others, mend minor wounds, and alter his appearance. To become the alias of Valiar Marcus Fidelias used watercrafting over the course of several weeks to modify his face.


Fidelias has been named to two houses in Codex lore:

House of the Faithful carries the beginning name of Fidel- (Fidelias)

House of the Valiant carries the beginning name of Vali- (Valiar Marcus)