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Just prior to the events of Cursor's Fury, the First Lord created the First Aleran Legion. Intended to dissuade the legions from being used to attack any one city, the First Aleran is comprised of men from every city among its legionaries and officers. During the events of Cursor's Fury Tavi (as Scipio), Antillar Maximus, and old scholarly Magnus join the ranks of the First Aleran to provide counterintelligence for the First Lord. They must quick march to the Elinarch bridge to engage the Canim.


Roman Legion heavy infantry

Roman Legion, Heavy Infantry

First Aleran Captains:

  • First, this legion was led by the unflinching Captain Cyril.
“My name is Ritius Cyril,” he continued, after they had joined the circle. “Many of you know me. For those who don’t, I was born in Placida, but my home is here, in the Legions. I have served terms as a legionare in Phrygia, Riva, and Antillus, and as a marine in Parcia. I served as a Knight Ferrous in Antillus, as a Tribune Auxiliarus, Tribune Tactica, and Knight Tribune, as well as Legion Subtribune. I have seen action against the Icemen, the Canim, and the Marat. This is my first Legion command.” (Cursor’s Fury chapter 4)
  • Then, when Cyril was badly injured at the Elinarch Camp, it was led by a rookie, Captain Rufus Scipio of Riva (Scipio was a brilliant General in Roman Empire History). Scipio is Tavi. Under Scipio’s lead, First Alerans take on the Canim invaders with staunch courage and ferocity, especially the Battle Crows cohort, earning a reputation on par with the Legions of Antillus and Phrygia, who man the Shieldwall against the Icemen of the North. (Cursor's Fury)
  • After Tavi is promoted in book 6, Max becomes the Captain of the First Aleran Legion. Maximus, previously Tribune Antillar Maximus (FLF, epilogue)

Flag & Insignia[]

Banner was originally an eagle, the Crown insignia, it morphed into a burned Black Crow on Field of Red and Blue

"Max wore his new suit of armor, marked with the black crow of the First Aleran Legion upon a field of red and blue, and his dress uniform beneath it, including a captain’s cloak of red velvet." (FLF, epilogue)
Legion by Dusan Markovic

Insignia Change Backstory[]

The First Aleran originally flew the banner of the First Lord, the Gaius family crest of a large eagle flying over a field of Red and Blue. However, after Tavi survives a lightning strike by the Canim sorcerer Sarl, the banner he carries is burnt down to a black bird on a white field. This symbol is taken up by the legion unofficially, and later as their official insignia, but the field changes to red and blue, to match the official Crown flag.

Battle Crows banner First Aleran

Battle Crows

Thus did Cpt Scipio’s men develop a new insignia and motto during the Battle for the Elinarch (see Cursor's Fury). Crow instead of eagle: The crows are coming for you (any enemy, this battle the Canim)

Tavi stopped before them all, looking the men over, trying to think of what to say to them at a time like this. Then he stopped and blinked at the armor of the two groups of men. The legionares’ armor had changed. Instead of the blue-and-red eagle of the First Aleran, the insignia over their hearts had become the perfect black silhouette of, not an eagle, but a flying crow.

Beside them, the Knights Pisces’ armor had changed as well. Again, the original insignia of the Legion had been replaced —this time with the finned, solid black shape of a shark, jaws opened wide. Tavi arched an eyebrow and glanced at Crassus. “Tribune. Was this your doing?”

Crassus saluted Tavi, and said, “We watched the Canim trying to swim the river this morning, sir. Apparently, they never realized how bad a bunch of fish could hurt them.” Crassus straightened his spine. “It seemed appropriate, sir.”

“Hngh,” Tavi said. He glanced at Schultz. “And what about you, acting centurion? Did you men also take it upon yourselves to change your uniforms?”

“Sir,” Schultz said with a crisp salute. “We just wanted to match the standard, sir!” Schultz glanced aside at Tavi. “And to let the Canim know that this time the crows are coming for them, sir!” (Cursor's Fury ch 51)

Notable Cohorts[]

Bloody Crows curse words

“First Aleran, Battlecrow Cohort!” Tavi bellowed. “First Aleran, Knights Pisces! Are you with me?” They answered him with a roaring crash of voices and drawn steel. Max, Ehren, Kitai, and the Knights Terra fell into position around him as Tavi turned and led his Battlecrows and Knights Pisces onto the Elinarch. (Cursor’s Fury ch 51)

Battle Crows[]

Modeling their name after the blackened standard Tavi brings back from his negotiation from Master Sarl, the Bloodspeaker, the First Aleran legions adopt the symbol of the black bird and dub themselves the 'Battle Crows'. The Battle Crows are the most battle-hardened and courageous of the First Aleran Cohorts.

Knights Pisces[]

The Knights Pisces are the unofficial name of the First Aleran's Furycrafting Knights Unit. New recruits are called 'fish' by the veteran soldiers, and after losing most of their experienced knights during the early battles of the fight against the Canim, all that was left were a few veterans and lots of new recruits. Despite the overwhelming odds against them, the young furycrafters, led primarily by Tribune Antillus Crassus, were able to fight handily against the Canim. After several close victories the knights adopted their old condescending nickname, 'fish', into their new name, the Knights Pisces. Their insignia becomes a shark. (Cursor’s Fury, ch 51)

Kitai guides Max and her “blind Aleran” (art by Jaidan Wolf)

Kitai Leads Tavi and Max to Ehren (art “Blind Aleran” by Jaidan Wolf)

Members Include[]

  • Captain Cyril
  • Tavi as Rufus Scipio, begins as third subtribune logistica, then promoted beyond
  • Max - a cursor in the guise of Centurion Antillar, later promoted beyond
  • Crassus - Tribune Antillus, Knight, air crafter, Knights Pisces
  • Valiar Marcus - the First Spear, the most senior centurion of the Legion (a.k.a SPOILER!!!!)
  • Ehren — not officially, but on Cursor business
  • Kitai - Katai and some of her aunt Hashat’s Horse Clan become the First Aleran Scouts (Captain’s Fury)
  • Magnus - a cursor, serving as head valet
  • Schultz - reports to Max, begins as rookie fish, a file leader, promoted eventually to centurion
  • Mistress Cymena — camp follower. She runs the Pavilion and “bathhouse” and later is hired to provide logistics. Her earthcrafter dancers are also put to work in the battle when absolutely necessary
  • Antillus Dorotea — high lady, watercrafter- healer, First Tribune Medica
  • Foss — (m) - old healer, Tribune Medica: "The healer within was a veteran named Foss. He was most of seven feet tall, built like a Phrygian mountain bear..." (Cursor’s Fury ch 8)
  • Gracchus - Tribune Logistica and Tavi’s immediate commander
  • Lorico — another valet
  • Singulare or personal bodyguard for the captain, (a SPOILER!!)
  • etc