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Forcia lies between Kalare and Parcia on the Southern Coast of Alera

Forcia is one of the great city-states in Alera. This region is in southwest Alera.

Forcia is ruled by High Lord Forcius. Little is said of him in the series, except that High Lord Forcius is not trustworthy, much like his neighbor Kalarus Brencis.

Gaius half smiled. “Aquitaine is a rather pleasant, if dangerous opponent. He is generally straightforward. I am more concerned with Rhodes, Kalare, and Forcia. They have stopped complaining to the Senate. It makes me suspicious.” (Academ’s Fury, prologue)
“Further reinforcements from Forcia, Parcia, and Rhodes are unlikely at best, though they may be able to strike into the enemy’s flanks in the Vale.” (Princep’s Fury, ch 40)

Spoiler bk 6[]

It seems likely that the High Lord of Forcia survived the Vord War apocalypse. He is still alive behind the walls of Garrison near the end of book 6. Unlike Antillus, Phrygius, Placidus, and old Cereus, Forcia isn’t much use in a fight.

“Maybe we should bring Forcia, Attica, and Riva.” Cereus shook his head. “They’ve never been fighters, I’m afraid. In a close-quarters fight, they’d be more dangerous to us than to the vord.” (HLF, ch 43)