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Gaius Caria is the First Lady of Alera and second wife of Gaius Sextus. Caria had been married to Sextus for three years by the time of the events of Furies of Calderon. In book 1 Caria is the daughter of High Lord of Parcia, but in book 3, Cursor's Fury, she becomes a daughter of High Lord Atticus Quentin. She is considerably younger than her husband.


Caria is very attractive, with pale skin, dark eyes, and dark chestnut hair.


Furies of Calderon[]

When Amara flees the Legion camp following Fidelias' betrayal, she eventually takes shelter and uses a creek and her silver bull (disk) to send word to the citadel. However, it is Gaius Caria who answers the message, bitter and angry, for life as the spouse of the First Lord is not what she expected.

It is also revealed in the epilogue that Caria is engaged in an affair with Attis Aquitaine—an affair arranged by Attis' wife, Invidia.

Academ's Fury[]

Caria walked in on Max and Tavi in Gaius's chambers while Max was posing as the First Lord, angry that Gaius hadn't invited her to a function. In order to keep her from discovering the truth about Gaius's condition, Max used earthcrafting to arouse Caria and promised to spend time with her later. Caria responded well to this, as she was used to being ignored by her husband. When Gaius recovered, he found himself having to make good on the promises Max had made to her.

Princeps' Fury[]

When Ehren goes to fetch Sextus' medicine during the battle for Alera Imperia, he runs into Caria—who has left the liquor cabinet door unlatched. He confronts her, and it is revealed that Caria has been poisoning Sextus for at least six years with helatin. (chapter 29). After this incident, Caria is not seen again— she possibly met her death when Sextus destroyed Alera Imperia, but this is not stated. She is simply never mentioned again.