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Gaius Tavarus Magnus is Tavi the Great, the author of the quote in the beginning of the epilogue of "First Lord's Fury"

(We know this because the content of the monograph refers to surviving the winter after the recent Vord War)

—GAIUS TAVARUS MAGNUS, 1 AV. (1st year after vord)

History will eventually claim that the appearance of the vord was a water-shed moment, that it was the best thing that ever happened to Alera. The vord forced us to exceed our limits, to grow after centuries of stagnation—and to look beyond ourselves. It is certain that because of the vord, we have gained a host of new enemies, in the Canim sense of the word. May we keep them and meet many more. But history is a cold and distant observer. Those of us who must face today have goals far more finite: We must mend our wounds, mourn our dead—and survive the winter. Crows take what the historians think. History will attend to itself. —GAIUS TAVARUS MAGNUS, 1 AV.