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VirtuellArt Gaius Septimus was the son of Gaius Sextus

Princeps Septimus

 Gaius Septimus was the son of Gaius Sextus. He was killed in the First Battle of the Calderon Valley — a battle with Marat —- fifteen years before the events of Book 1, Furies Of Calderon. His death is the reason for the succession crisis in Alera, and the relentless political maneuvering to succeed Gaius Sextus.

Septimus is buried / commemorated at the Princeps’ Memorium in the Calderon Valley. This beautiful little memorial vault is the setting for some events in the first book and the last.


Gaius Septimus had dark hair and intense green eyes. He was tall, strong, and considered handsome. He was also said to have had a low, rich, strong voice, and a personality that inspired trust.


Septimus began furycrafting at the age of five by nearly setting fire to his nursery. He studied at the Academy in his youth. During this time, he was close friends with Aquitainus Attis and later befriended Antillus Raucus after a year of fights and difficulties. This group also came to include Septimus' future singulares, most notably the swordsman, Araris Valerian and his brother, Sir Miles. He maintained these friendships even after leaving the Academy.

His father, the First Lord of Alera, wanted him to marry a powerful fury-crafter of good breeding stock, with strong political connections. He selected Invidia, and encouraged an engagement. Gaius Sextus pressed his son to marry Invidia, envisioning her as a powerful First Lady of Alera, and began the paperwork process. Septimus, however, grew concerned about her cold, selfish, manipulative nature.

Meanwhile, Septimus served his mandatory term in the Crown Legion, which was charged with putting down various disturbances in the Realm. The Legion fought in the Battle of Seven Hills, during which an assassination attempt was made on Septimus. Though he survived the attack, the assassins had wounded him severely enough that he needed time to recover fully. While recovering, Septimus urged his father to take action against the nobles he suspected of being behind the assassination plot. Gaius refused to do so. He sent Septimus to the Calderon Valley with the Crown Legion so he could fully recover from his injuries, away from prying eyes. Septimus objected to this, as he wanted to remain in the capital as a statement of defiance and dare the assassins to come after him again.

Princeps’ Memorium

He was assassinated in the Valley in the midst of a Marat invasion, soon after he recovered from his wounds. This battle came to be known as First Calderon. Septimus is enshrined at the foot of Mt Garados in a white marble dome, the Princeps' Memorium.


He inspired trust and confidence. He sometimes didn’t fully think through the consequences of actions. He valued people — freemen and Citizens alike — even above power, and went to bat for the little people -if needed. He got seasick easily. He often won friendly duels and contests, but he never boasted. In some hearts, he inspired jealousy, envy, and hatred.

SPOILERS !!! Books 4-6[]

Spoilers revealed in last half of series:

In actuality Septimus married Isana in secret and they had a son, Tavi. Tavi was born as Septimus was fighting for his life against several High Lords. His assassins, inspired by a “woman scorned” — Aquitainus Invidia — were Kalarus Brencis and Rhodus Martinus.