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Mt Garados and Daroga, Marat Gargant Tribe Chief (art by Sandara)

Garados, Mean Mad Mountain Fury

Thana Lilvia Windmane

Garados is a great fury residing in the Calderon Valley, not far from Bernardholt (aka Isanaholt, aka Fredericholt). The causeway runs a short distance away. See Maps for Codex Alera Series.

Garados is known for his aggression against those who step foot onto his soil, sending avalanches, rockslides, even fire to attack any intruders. Garados is known by those in the Calderon Valley as the husband of Thana Lilvia, an air fury who sends her windmanes / lightning furies to attack intruders. Together, the two great furies often brew massive storms.

“Bloody mountain has been a worry and an almighty trial to me for most of twenty-five years,” Bernard growled. “About time the thing started pulling its weight.” (FLF ch 39)

Spoiler Bk 6[]



In the final battle against the Vord, desperate to kill the Queen, Tavi provokes the mountain into showing its true form. Garados takes the form of an enormous disproportionate man, nearly twice as tall as the mountain itself, and reveals his inner firestorm. Meanwhile, Thana Lilvia rakes the mountainside with lightning bolts, all the way to the bottom, near the Princeps' Memorium.

And then the ground suddenly shook again. That incredibly vast sound, laden with pure rage, filled the air once more. The storm returned in an instant, the wind rising to such a howl that, combined with the shaking ground, it knocked Isana from her feet…as the earth trembled, and the tempest raged… shaking earth and screaming sky. Lightning began to burn down from the storm, running along the ground like great, grasping fingers digging trenches in the earth for seconds at a time. There was a great wrenching snap of strained stone, and one section of the barn’s roof caved in… (FLF chapter 57)
He watched as a mountain— as the mountain— rose from its resting place in the form of man, twice as tall as the mountain itself had been, unthinkably huge. Sheer distance clouded its features into haze. It was built heavily, disproportionately, a being of ugliness and spite and horrible power….Garados. The mountain’s entire top had lifted, rocks melting and collapsing and rearranging into the features of an enormous and ugly humanlike face. Burning red pits substituted for eyes, and its mouth was a great, gaping maw without visible lips or teeth. The entire mountain shook, and Garados twisted left and right, its vast, broad shoulders tearing free of the mountainside. (FLF chapter 56)
Calderon Valley Fortifications

Garados and Thana, Furies in the Calderon Valley