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These heroic Animals-of-the-Codex play a key role in books 1, 2, and 6. This page shows interpretations of a gargant, thanks to various talented artists.

Doroga and Walker by Spirogs

art by Spirogs

Gargant based on Annette’s art

Gargant concept with text excerpts

One poster at Reddit stated that a gargant is based on a megatherium, an extinct giant sloth, as big as an elephant.

Big domesticated animals, from the Latin based “gargantuan” probably. Furry and foraging, gargants live in Maratea and on some steadholts in the Calderon Valley.

Doraga on Walker, a huge tusked “badger” (fanart)

A huge tusked sloth-badger-elephant

A Gargant of the Marat

A Gargant of the Marat

A gargant is a large tusked mammal, standing 12 feet or higher. It’s related to the badger but much MUCH larger. Their long tusks curve upwards from the jaw, like an elephant perhaps. Another similarity to elephants is that gargants bellow and bugle loudly when angry, reminiscent of how elephants trumpet. Yet gargants differ from elephants in that they have fur, a musky odor, and their feet are clawed paws, like a badger, not hooves.

the gargant’s hammering paws and sheer mass smashed them to a disgusting, gelatinous paste (FLF ch 26)
“Always got to help him take care of his feet. Feet are important when you are as big as Walker.” (Academ’s Fury)

Gargants typically move at a lumbering pace, but they are capable of speed:

Doroga shouted something to Walker. The gargant whirled, both front paws coming up off the ground, and turned to the east. It started forward at a pace Amara had never seen in a gargant before —a kind of lumbering gallop. (FLF ch 45)

Gargants form a bond with the Gargant Tribe of the Marat. Most notably, Doroga is bonded with his chala, Walker. See illustration.

Mt Garados and Daroga, Marat Gargant Tribe Chief (art by Sandara)

Doroga on Walker near Mt Garados

Doroga Back view by riotorange

sculpture Walker and Doroga fight vord

Excerpts, Descriptive:

"And the ground began to shake. A bestial, massive bellow rose from a basso rumble to a whistling shriek. Ehren whipped his head around in time to see a large black gargant crash into the vord attacking the circled wagons. The beast was a monster, even for its breed, the top of its hunched back standing at least twelve feet above the ground. Its stocky, rather squat body was vaguely reminiscent of its cousin, the common badger, though its thick neck and broad head clearly distinguished it from the far smaller beast, especially when one considered the three-foot tusks thrusting forward and curving slightly up from the gargant’s jaw.”(First Lord’s Fury ch 26)
"They smashed through the vord that had penetrated the Aleran lines like a stone hurtling through a spider’s web. The noise was indescribable, as was the heavy, musky odor of gargant on the air. The beasts went by like a thunderstorm, like a tide of muscle and bone, leaving smashed and broken vord scattered over the earth." (First Lord’s Fury ch 26)