Garrison is a fortress in the Calderon Valley. It is the seat for the Count of Calderon and houses one active legion. Garrison is the site of several important events in the Codex, notably the Second and Third Battles of Calderon. Garrison is ruled by Count Gram during the events of Furies of Calderon, replaced by Bernard after Gram's retirement and Bernard's promotion by the First Lord.

Garrison's legion, while technically active due to the threat of the Marat, contains few veterans and has little experience. Over the course of the series the Calderon Valley is threatened by greater and greater foes, and the forces of Garrison are forced to improve with every new enemy encountered. Under Bernard's leadership Garrison becomes a near-unbreakable fortress, with several layers of fury-enhanced walls and anti-siege weaponry.

Furies of Calderon Edit

When the Marat attack the Calderon Valley they fight against the Aleran forces at Garrison. Just when the Marat threaten to take the walls Tavi arrives with Doroga to defend Garrison and challenge Atsurak for leadership of the Marat.

First Lord's Fury Edit

Garrison is the last bastion of defiance against the Vord horde, where the Aleran forces make their last stand. Bernard has known about the Vord threat and prepared Garrison accordingly. With input from Tavi Bernard builds several layers of defensive walls along the valley coming up to Garrison, and builds in countermeasures to slow down the Vord as the approach the fortress.

Included in these defenses are:

Mules - large catapults used to fling fire and rock upon the enemy.

Gargoyles - the walls break apart and take the form of stone dogs to attack the enemy when the wall is breached

Strategic gaps - Bernard left parts of the wall unfinished close to Garados, safe in the knowledge that the mountain would attack any intruders