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Giraldi is a centurion in the Aleran Legions, currently serving at Garrison in the Calderon Valley. He is a long-serving veteran with the highest honors and awards, twice receiving The Order of the Lion (FLF ch 35). He is loyal to the House of Gaius / the Crown, and to Count Bernard and Countess Amara of House Calderonus.

Centurion by Mark Zug

In book 1, at the second Battle of Calderon, he faced enemy Marat with particular bravery (Furies of Calderon).

In book 2 “the grizzled centurion” helped Count Calderonus defeat the Vord in the Calderon Valley.

Giraldi hobbled by, using a shield as a kind of improvised crutch, giving quiet orders, tightening a buckle here, straightening a twisted belt there. He broke the century into its “spears,” its individual files, ordering each file into its own squad. (Academ’s Fury ch 43)

In book 3 he was in Ceres when Kalarus Brencis sent his Immortals to kidnap and murder dozens of Citizens. He supported Isana when she strove to heal Fade.

In book 6, in the face of the Vord War, he came out of retirement to distinguish himself again.

Old Giraldi raised his voice in a parade-ground bellow. “Draw steel!” His voice carried up and down the wall in booming clarity in that perfect silence —and then more than one hundred and fifty thousand swords whispered from their sheaths. (FLF ch 35)
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