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Gram is an older Rivan count in book 1, Furies of Calderon, overseeing the fortress of Garrison and the Calderon Valley. After sustaining heavy injuries in the Second Battle of Calderon, Gram was offered retirement by First Lord Gaius Sextus and, promoted to a Lord, retired down south to the Amaranth Vale in sunny Ceres.

Bernard stood up, staring at Gaius. “But Gram is the Count here.”
“Gram is now a Lord, I’m afraid, your Excellency.” Gaius lowered his voice with a glance around. “He has a comfortable assignment in the Amaranth Vale now, while he recovers from his injuries. (Furies of Calderon ch 47)

“Move to the Vale, Gaius says. Retire in wealth and comfort, he says. My ass, the crowbegotten old confidence man.” (Princeps' Fury ch 42)


“Get out of my way!” thundered a voice from within the gates. Amara blinked, startled at the tone. A man in a rumpled and wine-stained shirt thrust his way through the crowd watching the altercation. He wasn’t tall, but had a barrel for a chest and a jaw that looked heavy and hard enough to break stones upon, covered by a curling beard of fiery red. His hair, shorn short, was of a similar color, though patchy with batches of grey that made his scalp look like a battleground, with troops in scarlet struggling to hold terrain against a grey-clad foe. His eyes were deep under heavy brows, bloodshot, and angry. He walked barefoot in the snow, and steam curled up from his footprints. “What in the name of all the furies is going on here?” he demanded voice booming. “Bernard! Flame and thunder, man, what the crows do you think you’re doing to my garrison!” (Furies of Calderon chapter 29)

As the series progresses, his graying red hair goes sparse and more gray

Lord Gram had been watching the attack with his helmet off. His hair had been bright red in his youth, but was now mostly grey, with only a few lone, defiant sprigs showing a ruddy hue. (First Lord’s Fury ch 36)


Gram is a retired legionare and is skilled enough to use basic furycrafting of every type, and advanced fire. We see him use firecrafting in book 1, again in book 5, Princeps' Fury, and again in book 6, First Lord's Fury. Gram employs his power to defend Garrison on several occasions from rebel Alerans, Marat, and Vord alike.

Fire Fury Phyllis[]

Gram is a strong enough firecrafter to manifest a fury - a small hummingbird named Phyllis. Phyllis is named after Gram's first wife, who was fiery, strong, and stubborn. Despite its small size, Phyillis has shown considerable power, having flown directly through the body of an armored Vord Mantis without slowing. (see FLF, bk 6)

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