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High Lords and Ladies are addressed as “Your Grace” (as are dukes and duchesses in British nobility). These “Graces” of Alera are only second in power and prestige to the House of Gaius, especially the scion, “His Majesty” The First Lord. Sometimes referred to as the High Blood of Alera , High Lords are typically the most formidable of the realm’s fury-crafters, apart from the First Lord. It is said that a High Lord or Lady can take on a century of Knights.

House of Gaius

The eleven High Lords rule their specific territory from a stronghold in their great city. They are the highest rank of lords. To become a High Lord —- or a High Lady in special cases—- one must be heir to the previous High Lord. This title is passed on through inheritance, but it must be held with power and perceptiveness. One can challenge another to the Juris Macto if the grievance holds weight, a duel to the death.

Aquitaine sat on his horse beside a dozen of his furycrafting peers—High Lord Antillus, High Lord Phrygia and his son, High Lord and Lady Placida, High Lord Cereus, and a collection of Lords who, through talent or discipline, had established themselves as some of the most formidable furycrafters in the Realm. (First Lord’s Fury ch 18)

Each High Lord rules his region from a great city. See various Maps for Codex Alera Series, all based on the original map created by Priscilla Spencer and Lee Gibbons.


Kalarus flag

There is friction between the most powerful Citizens. Ambition burns within all too many Lords, Ladies, and Senators. Major problems arise from this, particularly from High Houses Aquitaine, Kalare, and Rhodes, and Forcia.

Gaius half smiled. “Aquitaine is a rather pleasant, if dangerous opponent. He is generally straightforward. I am more concerned with Rhodes, Kalare, and Forcia. They have stopped complaining to the Senate. It makes me suspicious.” (Academ's Fury prologue)

The Realms[]

First Lord Gaius Sextus and First Lady Gaius Caria of the capital realm Alera Imperia (and ultimately over all realms of Alera, and over all eleven high lords /ladies)

Aquitainus banner flag
  1. High Lord Aquitainus Attis and High Lady Aquitainus Invidia of Aquitaine
  2. High Lord Antillus Raucus and High Lady Antillus Dorotea of Antillus
  3. High Lord Placidus Sandos and High Lady Placidus Aria of Placida
  4. High Lord Atticus Quentin of Attica and his High Lady
  5. High Lord Phrygius Guntus of Phrygia. His Lady was killed at Vorello’s Pool dining grotto in bk 3
  6. High Lord Cereus Macius of Ceres
  7. High Lord Kalarus Brencis of Kalare
  8. High Lord and Lady of Parcia (name?)
  9. High Lord and Lady of Forcia (name?)
  10. High Lord Rivus Grantus of Riva and his High Lady
  11. High Lord Rhodus Martinus of Rhodes. His Lady was killed at Vorello’s Pool dining grotto (book 3)

Lower Level Lords[]

Lords serve a high lord within a realm, or they serve the Crown and all of Alera

“Bernard is a peer of the Realm now.” (Academ’s Fury, ch 11)
  • Lord Gram, upgraded from a Count, previously at Garrison until he retired to Ceres
  • Lord Vanorius, seneschal of Antillus when Antillus Raucus is away. (FLF ch 2)
  • Phrygia Cyricus is also probably a Lord, albeit a “young master” —- given that his father is High Lord of Phrygia, and he himself is Seneschal of Phrygia (FLF, chapter 25)
  • In book 2, Kalarus Brencis Minoris is referred to as “a young lord” (he is the son of High Lord Kalarus)
Banner House Calderonus


A “sir” is a knight, typically dubbed by the First Lord. Knights are not (perhaps) as highly ranked as lords, but “sir” is a title of honor, an esteemed member of the Citizenry

  • Sir Miles
  • Sir Araris Valerian
  • Sir Frederic of the spade, a young man of courage in the Calderon Valley
  • Sir Horatio (book 2)
  • Sir Nedus, old sword master, in book 2
  • Ehren ex Cursori is knighted at some point — in book 6 he is “Sir Ehren”
  • etc




Surviving High Lords[]

Antillus Flag

In book 1, there are eleven high lords. Including the First Lord, twelve Houses carry the most powerful bloodline. At the end of the Vord War, five are left, plus the new First Lord. Rivus Grantus, Atticus Quentin, and Forcius are still alive and supposedly well behind the walls of Garrison. High Lord Antillus is alive but badly injured at the Vord Hive, as is Placidus Sandos and Placidus Aria. Every other high lord or lady is dead by the end of the series. Thus, half of the noble houses lost their seated lord, but some heirs survive: First Lord Gaius Octavian, High Lady Cereus Veradis and “the spare” Phrygius Cyricus (and possibly “the heir” -his elder brother, unclear whether he survived).

“Maybe we should bring Forcia, Attica, and Riva.” Cereus shook his head. “They’ve never been fighters, I’m afraid. In a close-quarters fight, they’d be more dangerous to us than to the vord.” (HLF, ch 43)