The House of Gaius is the ruling house of Alera and the head of the house is the realm's First Lord. The House of Gaius colours are Scarlet and Azure. This house united Alera into one realm and has ruled it for a thousand years.


Traits/Appearance Edit

The recent generation(s) of the House of Gaius have possessed brown hair and grass green eyes. They have extremely powerful furycrafting skill. Members have been gifted with a measure of forbearance, as well as interaction with a great fury named Alera. The Royal Line has never been known for it fertility.

Recent Position Edit

Gaius Sextus continues to rule the realm as First Lord but is aging and has no heir, since his son  Princeps Gaius Septimus died 15 years prior to Furies Of Calderon. This leaves it open for several High Lords to move against Gaius and take the position of First Lord. It looks like the house shall go extinct but it is later revealed that Septimus had a son and the house has an heir in Gaius Octavian. Sextus, though, adopts Aquitainus Attis to take a major opponent away from Tavi and himself. He leaves Attis as his heir and short lived First Lord before his posthumous plan leads to Aquitaine receiving fatal wounds. This leaves the path clear for Tavi to take the position of First Lord and lead the realm as well as continue on the House of Gaius.