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Ruling House[]

The House of Gaius is the ruling house of Alera, a Rome away from Home. House Gaius has ruled for a over a thousand years. (FLF ch 11). The scion of the House is the First Lord, even more powerful than the High Lords who rule each distinct realm or city-state. The House colors are scarlet and azure. The banner depicts a scarlet eagle on an azure field.

House of Gaius

Also, The Office of the First Lord is symbolized by the Seven-Pointed Star, "and above it, writ into the marble in gold was the seven-pointed star of the First Lord of Alera (Furies of Calderon, the Princeps' Memorium)

Royal Capital[]

Alera Imperia from Minas Tirith

Alera Imperia and Redhill Heights

Gaius Primus, ancestral founder of the House, united Alera into one realm and placed the capital in the center of Alera. All roads lead to Rome, as it were. Court is held in Alera Imperia. The royal residence is the Citadel, the tallest building in the royal city. See Maps for Codex Alera Series.

Alera Imperia on the River Gaul

Alera Imperia on River Gaul

Gaius in Roman Empire[]

Gaius is a Roman name possibly derived from Latin gaudere "to rejoice", though it may be of unknown Etruscan origin. This was a very common Roman praenomen, the most famous bearers being Gaius Julius Caesar, the great leader of the Roman Republic, and his adopted son Gaius Octavius (later known as Augustus), the first Roman emperor. [1]

First Lords Past & Present[]

Over a thousand-year reign:

“I have always found the particular madness of the House of Gaius singularly intriguing. It has fought the tides for more than a thousand years. It has often failed to attain victory. But it has never conceded the struggle.” (FLF chapter 11)


Gaius Primus bonded with Alera (Fury) some centuries after the lost Ninth Legion (Roman) stepped through the mist into the world of Carna.

Alera said, her eyes distant. “It would be centuries before I knew your people. But they were few. So very few. Eleven thousand lives, perhaps.”
“About the same size as a Legion and its followers,” Tavi said.
She smiled. “And so it was. A Legion from another place, lost, and come here to my lands.” She gestured toward the entrance to the tent. “The Canim, the Marat, the Icemen. All lost travelers.” She shook her head sadly. “The others, too. Those that your people exterminated, over the centuries.” (FLF chapter 11)


The recent generation(s) of the House of Gaius have brown hair and grass green eyes. They are extremely powerful furycrafters. The Royal Line has never been known for its fertility. They have done their best to protect the nation, but some are more compassionate than others. Some have been shrewder and more creative than others. It’s possible they have relied too heavily on their extremely powerful fury.

Foresight from Alera[]

Alera in the Clouds

“Alera in the Clouds”

Scions of the House of Gaius have been gifted with a measure of foresight, just a tingling hint of what is to come, probably due to their communications with Alera, a Superfury. They speak with the elemental Alera anywhere, but “she” is most readily accessed through the mosaic in the First Lord’s Citadel in Alera Imperia. A millennium ago, Gaius Primus created the mosaic map with rocks gathered from all over the country. The superfury helps House Gaius, but only to limited extent, according to the agreements made with Gaius Primus long ago.

Extinguishing Line Gaius[]

Gaius Sextus continues to rule as First Lord but he is aging and sick, and has no heir, since his son Princeps Gaius Septimus died 15 years prior to Furies Of Calderon. His wife died of grief. Sextus remarried the much younger daughter of High Lord Atticus Quentin, but his new wife Caria has not conceived an heir. She is, instead, engaging in an affair with Aquitainus Attis, a political rival scheming for the throne. The lack of any heir to the royal line leaves the nation open for several High Lords to maneuver against Gaius for the position of First Lord: Kalarus Brencis, Rhodus Martinus, Aquitainus Invidia and Attis.

What with no heir and unscrupulous rivals, it looks like the long-burning flame of House Gaius shall soon be extinguished. However, it is later (in book 3) revealed that Princeps Gaius Septimus did have a wife who bore him a son — even as Septimus fought unsuccessfully for his own life. Thus, Gaius Sextus has a legitimate grandson, a tentative Princeps of the realm. His name is Spoiler book 4.

Spoilers ! Books 5-6[]

Spoilers, including epilogue in final book

Vord War events

An Adoption into Line Gaius:

Knowing he will die soon, Sextus adopts the powerful, ambitious, and intelligent Aquitainus Attis as his youngest grandson, to temporarily protect the nation and lead the Legions against the Vord. This will also at least temporarily remove a major political rival (Attis). He adopts Attis as his spare heir, to yield the position to his grandson, if /when he returns to Alera.

Thus Attis becomes acting First Lord, and for some months “His Majesty” does his best to lead the charge, finally becoming the leader he always should have been. Then he dies, suffering a mortal wound by Nihilus. This was also part of Sextus’ plan, revealed in a coded letter to his Cursor, which Ehren obediently opened posthumously. This leaves the path clear for Gaius Octavian to take the position of First Lord and lead the realm. Now the House of Gaius will continue. The future of the line is already secured in Desidarius, the newborn son of Kitai and Tavi.

However, Alera Imperia is just a volcanic crater. The superfury Alera (Fury) is fading away, but not quite gone. And Tavi’s name has changed to Gaius Tavarus Magnus. “Tavi the Great”