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The Icemen play a key role in book 5, Princeps' Fury. They also appear in book 6, First Lord's Fury.


Icemen are called “Gadrim-ha” by the Marat, who deal with them respectfully and by name (Princep’s Fury, ch 21). Alerans call them Icemen and savages. Antillan Legionares calls them "northern bears" (Princep's Fury).

Antillus Flag

Antillan Legions

Throughout the series, the name Gadrim-ha is rarely used, as many main characters are Aleran, thus referring to them as Icemen.


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Map of Alera

Icemen Territory, North of Shieldwall

The Gadrim-ha dwell in the frozen lands north of Antillus and Phrygia. There are multitudes of them. Thousands — perhaps millions — inhabit the land north of Alera, north of the Shieldwall. The Wall was built by Alerans to keep the “savages” out of Alera.

"A sea of the savages spread out from the Shieldwall, tens of thousands strong" (Princep’s Fury, Prologue)
The Shield Wall

The Shieldwall Defends Against the Icemen

Physical Descriptions[]

Abominable Snowman by Joel Hustak

Abominable Snowman by Joel Hustak

Yeti by GeoKorf

Related to a Yeti? (GeoKorf)

Icemen are apelike, bearlike wooly humanoids somewhat reminiscent of a Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman. Covered in pale fur, they cannot bear the heat, and will only venture into warmer lands if they wear a cold-stone.

Kitai uses a grayish, almost metallic looking rope made of Icemen hair in Academ's Fury (chapter 31).

Description excerpt:

"The largest of the brutes was as tall as an Aleran legionare, but far broader across the shoulders, far thicker through the chest. Their arms were long, with enormous hands, and their leathery hides were layered with a sparse coating of wiry, yellow-white fur that could make them all but invisible in the frozen wastes of the north. Yellow-white eyes glared from beneath shaggy brows, and a pair of heavy tusks jutted up from massively muscled jaws. Each Iceman bore a club of bone or stone in his hands, some of them edged with chips of sharp, unnaturally hard ice that, like the cold of the winter itself, seemed to bend itself to the will of the savages." (Princep’s Fury, Prologue)


They fight with clubs and spears, javelins made of ice, arrows and rocks, etc. They may seem primitive, but they also are intelligent and can work with waterfuries much like an Aleran water crafter. They can freeze water or solidify snow into a hard ramp in order to climb up to the top of the Shieldwall. Like all water-crafters, they can feel the emotions of others too intensely.

"as Raucus dived closer, he was suddenly enveloped by a chill far deeper than the mere bite of winter. Within seconds, crystalline laceworks of frost had formed across the surface of his armor.. ." (Princep’s Fury, Prologue)
"The Icemen were no fools. They knew that even the mightiest furycrafter could be felled if enough spears and arrows and clubs were thrown at him" (Princep’s Fury, Prologue)

Peace Efforts[]

In book 5, Doroga and Isana attempt to build peace between Alerans and their neighbors to the north.

There has never been a peace treaty between Alerans and Icemen. All attempts have failed in the past. It might be because neither the First Lord nor the High Lord of Antillus ever appointed a neutral moderator. It might also be because the legionaries use fire-crafting to stay warm: Water furies clash with fire furies.

"Peace talks with the Icemen have never been successful.” “Neither have they ever had a moderator,” Gaius said. “A neutral third party with respect among the Icemen, willing to mediate a negotiation.” Isana drew in a sharp breath. “Doroga.” She glanced at Aria, and said, “The foremost chieftain of the Marat. A friend.” (Princep’s Fury, ch 8)
"“I don’t believe anyone using that firecrafting to stay warm is capable of thinking very clearly when the Icemen are nearby. I believe there is some sort of unanticipated side effect occurring— one that caused you to be provoked quite easily at the first meeting.” (Princep’s Fury, ch 28)

Iceman Characters[]

  • Sunset
  • Red Waters
  • Big Shoulders