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Juris Macto - "Justice of the Fist" - is the equivalent to a duel to the death.

While the time, place, and fighting method can vary wildly, there are several rules that apply to any juris macto:

  • Challengers choose the time and place for duel. The person challenged chooses how the fight will happen - typically sword and fury.
  • The person challenged may choose a champion to fight in their place. The challenger may not.
  • The Master of Arms informs everyone of the combat rules, inspects the weapons (for poisons if they are not allowed), and allows the participants the opportunity to explain why they're fighting and one last chance to back down from the fight. Barring this, the participants then take ten paces away from the Master of Arms as he or she counts. The Master of Arms then signals and combat begins.
  • If a non-citizen beats a Citizen, the winner is pronounced a Citizen.

Though it is often threatened, as when Aquitainus Attis threatened Rivus Grantus (Princep’s Fury), Juris Macto only occurs twice during the timeline of the series. One is a duel with Antillus Raucus while the Icemen watch (Princeps' Fury). The other is with the most insane blade in Alera, Phrygiar Navaris, standing in for Senator Arnos (Captain's Fury). More than two decades ago, Araris Valerian engaged in a duel or two, as did Aldrick ex Gladius.