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Kalarus Brencis is the High Lord of the realm of Kalare. He’s a vile, evil man, but powerful, and the antagonist in several books.

Character Kalare

Kalarus Brencis, High Lord of Kalare


This High Lord is vicious and utterly ruthless, lacking scruples and mercy. He’s cowardly when confronted by a stronger opponent, but that rarely occurs. Being among the High Blood of Alera, he's a strong crafter of all furies, though his primary element is fire. Most of the economy of his realm is through the exploitation and trade of slaves. He liberally affixes Slave Collars to his people. Because of this, he is perpetually at odds with the Dianic League, and a group of vigilantes of Ceres, both of which are attempting to outlaw slavery. High Lady Placidus Aria taunts him with problems bedding a woman while in academy.

Kalarus Brencis, High Lord of Kalare. One of the titans of furycraft... Reputed to be a swordsman of the highest caliber, his talent for firecrafting had once snuffed out an entire forest fire when a range of his expensive, exported hardwoods had nearly been consumed. Further stories claimed that he had once slain a leviathan that had haunted his coastline outright, and he wielded power and authority with consummate, calculated skill, so much so that he was threatening to topple Gaius from his throne. Worse, Amara had seen some of what he had created in his city, for the people beholden to him, and she knew what he truly was: a monster, in every sense of the word that mattered, an odious murderer who had enslaved children with discipline collars, reared them into the mad Immortals who served him, whose agents had slain Cursors all over the face of Alera…(Cursor’s Fury, ch 50)


His son and heir is Kalarus Brencis Minoris, who bullies Tavi at Academy in Alera Imperia, because Tavi is less powerful, furyless. The high lord’s sister Dorotea is married to Lord Antillus Raucus. She is Crassus’s mother and Max’s stepmother. Thus, Kalarus is Crassus’ uncle, and Dorotea is aunt to Brencis Minoris.

Kalarus flag

The House of Kalare / Kalarus is distinguished by green and gray. These colors are seen on the Kalarus flag and the emblem, armor, and cloaks of his Legions (of which he has more than allowed).

His Minions[]

  • Kalarus has a small army of insane berserker Immortals, manipulated into fanatical loyalty since childhood, via a Slave Collar.
  • He also has a band of cut-throat spies and assasins he calls Bloodcrows. His chief assassin is Rook. She is central to the plot in books 2,3, and 5.
  • He fills his Legions with loyal cutthroats. He fields seven legions, when only three are allowed per realm.

Academ's Fury[]

Kalarus, who deals in slavery and human trafficking of women especially, learns that Isana will be coming for the Winter’s End revelries to Alera Imperia. Isana has strong anti-slavery ideas and will probably join the Dianic League, a women’s organization that seeks to abolish slavery and advocate for women . She is also the first female Steadholder and thus the first named female Citizen in the realm (all other female Citizens either married into it or were successful in Juris Macto). Because of this, Kalarus arranges for two assassination attempts on Isana, both of which fail, but his Bloodcrows kill Isana’s guardians, Sir Nedus and Serai, a Cursor. He also tries to kills Max and Tavi because they beat up his son Kalarus Brencis Minoris, in self defense. All three young men attend the Academy. High Lady Placidus Aria puts a stop to that. In passing, it is mentioned that he previously sent his Bloodcrows to kill several more Cursors of the Crown.

Cursor's Fury[]

Kalarus reads the message his chief spy Rook intercepted, stating that Gaius Sextus is about to put Kalarus in his place. Enraged, he arranges for a brutal attack on the more influential members of the Dianic League, killing many while they were dining in Ceres at Vorello’s Pool. He also colludes with the Canim bloodspeaker Sarl towards a full-scale invasion of Alera on the west coast near the Elinarch bridge town. To prevent interference from his neighbors, Kalare arranges to kidnap High Lady Placidus Aria and High Lord Atticus Quentin‘s teenage daughter. He holds them as political prisoners in his personal tower. Kalarus had also planned to put his sister Antillus Dorotea in charge of the newly formed First Aleran Legion, which is the only group of legionares between the Canim and Alera Imperia. Due to Tavi and Max, however, this plan partially falls through, putting Tavi, aka Third Subtribune Logistica Rufus Scipio, as the only remaining officer in charge when the First Aleran command tent is struck by Bloodspeaker lightning. In the end, Kalarus is badly injured when chasing the wind coach conveying his hostages and their rescuers, led by Cursor Amara. Her partner Bernard shoots salt at the High Lord’s windstream, disrupting his furycrafting, and he crashes at speed into the trees.

Captain’s Fury[]

First Lord Gaius Sextus goes to silent war against Kalarus and puts him down like the crack of doom. He dies, but his vile son and heir Kalarus Brencis Minoris still lives. The lands of Kalare — and all the people — are utterly destroyed by volcanic eruptions.