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Kalarus Brencis Minoris

Kalarus Brencis Minoris is the vile son of High Lord Kalarus Brencis of Kalare. He is an Academ at the Academy when first introduced in book 2. In general, he is a bully to those he deems weaker than him, such as Tavi and Ehren, and a coward when faced with a stronger adversary, such as Max.

It was Brencis. The arrogant young lord’s dark hair was mussed and stringy after the long exam. The hulking Renzo hovered behind him and a little bit to one side, and Varien stood to Brencis’s left, eyes glittering with anticipation and malice. (Academ's Fury chapter 14)


As the son of a High Lord Brencis is a powerful furycrafter of every type, and uses his abilities to take advantage of those weaker than himself.


Brencis uses his earthcrafting to bolster his physical strength in combat. He has demonstrated great control over the earth, able to shape rock into hands that can grasp at nearby opponents and hold them in place.


Brencis is a talented firecrafter, using his abilities to create great gouts of flame. Brencis' firecrafting skills are advanced; he is able to combine his firecrafting with watercrafting to instantly create ice.


As a strong metalcrafter Brencis is able to enhance the durability and sharpen the edge of his sword in combat. Brencis is fairly accomplished in his swordplay, enough to surprise Max (who thought Brencis was all talk) and fight the large Antillan equally. Brencis learns his father's technique for making metalcrafted Slave Collars more effective, giving the master more control over any slave he collars.


Brencis shows innovation in his watercraft, combining it with his firecrafting to create ice. Brencis does not show a high sensitivity to emotions through his watercrafting,


Brencis is a powerful windcrafter, able to generate a windstream strong enough for high-speed flight.


Brencis does not demonstrate his woodcrafting often, but his fury beads at the academy suggest he is talented in the craft.


Books spoiled below!

Academ's Fury[]

Brencis is an antagonist in Academ's Fury. He frequently bullies Tavi and Ehren (unless Max is around), using insults and furycraft to put down the smaller boys. He is often backed up by his malicious companions, the hulking Renzo and petulant Varien, sons of wealthy citizens who cheer on his atrocities. Brencis dislikes Tavi in particular because Tavi is unable to furycraft, yet was still admitted into the academy. After winning his Citizenship duel against his father, Brencis attacks Tavi, ganging up with Renzo and Varien. This eventually leads to a brawl between Brencis and Tavi, with Tavi getting backed up by Max. When Max takes a sword in the gut from Brencis Tavi beats him mercilessly, destroying his face and knocking out several teeth before High Lord Kalarus Brencis steps in. Brencis is taken away afterwards to heal from his injuries.

Captain's Fury[]

Brencis Minoris confronted Amara, Bernard, and First Lord Gaius Sextus on their undercover mission through Kalare. He led a cohort of over 100 Immortals against the First Lord but fled in fear after Sextus crushed his troops and advanced towards him. Brencis somehow manages to escape the explosion of the Great Fury Kalare.

Princep's Fury[]

Brencis, now the nominal High Lord Kalarus, is captured by the Vord and by Aquitainus Invidia. So, too, is his dead father’s old spymaster, Rook. He is then forced to enslave captured Alerans with a Slave Collar, directing them to obey the Bug Queen. After Amara, having been advised by Rook, attempts to take Invidia's life Brencis binds her with a slave collar and takes her to his bedchambers. While undressing her, Brencis discovers another slave collar locked around her upper thigh, invalidating his collar. Before Brencis can react Amara kills him, ending the Vord's slave operation. And ending the House of Kalarus.