Kord is a Steadholder in the Calderon Valley , he is a cruel and greedy man. A slaver and drunkard he tries to kill some of the other Steadholders to cover up his son's accused rape. He kidnaps and traps Isana and Odiana in a smoke house, then follows them to Garrison after they escape. In a warehouse during the battle he tries to kill Isana and Odiana, he is out matched and crippled after Isana pushes a large stack of crates on top of him. He is left there until Odiana and her compatriots force him to remove the slave collar, She then places a number of scalpes on him of the horse clan of Murate, so they eat him, alive, as is their custom in this case.

Furycrafting Edit

Kord is a fairly strong earthcrafter and firecrafter.

Earthcrafting Edit

Kord uses his earthcrafting to bolster his strength and to move earth and stone into structures and attacks. Kord's earth fury takes the form of a large insectoid creature roughly resembling a scorpion. When Isana and Odiana were held captive in Kord's smoke house, Kord set his fury as a sentinel that would rise up out of the ground when provoked and attack any who tried to leave.